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It is week two of the fall TV season and the following are the overall viewership ratings for the dramas that aired last night:

8 PM Shows:

House (FOX) – 10.1 million
Chuck (NBC) – 5.4 million
90210 (The CW) – 2 million

9 PM Shows:

The Event (NBC) – 9 million
Lone Star (FOX) – 3.8 million
Gossip Girl (The CW) – 1.8 million

10 PM Shows:

Castle (ABC) – 12.4 million
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) – 12.4 million
Chase (NBC) – 6.4 million

What shows did you watch last night? Please share.

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Registration for Comic Con 2011 will not be open to the public until November 1 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. There will be no preview night tickets available; however, 4 day passes and individual day passes are to be available. Please mark your calendars.

You can visit Comic Con for more details as they are released.

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Hey All,

It’s the start of another week and if you’re living on the West Coast, we’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave something that was lacking over the summer and not all that much appreciated at the end of September.

But, there is a lot of news to share with all of you and good TV to look forward to tonight so hopefully that levels out the playing field. Here are the news items for today:


Newcomer Darren Criss (who has guest starred on Eastwick and Cold Case) has joined the FOX series Glee as a new gay student named Blaine, who hails from a rival glee club called the Dalton Academy Warblers. He will befriend Kurt (Chris Colfer), but their relationship will remain platonic for now. (Joyce Eng at TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly)

Aimee Garcia (Trauma) will appear in the mid-season series Off the Map, playing a local who falls for Zach Gilford’s (Friday Night Lights) character, who is a plastic surgeon in a remote medical clinic in South America. (Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly)

Jorge Garcia (Lost) will appear on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, playing Blitz a friend of Ted, Marshall and Lily from college who has the uncanny ability to leave a room right before things finally get interesting. Blitz has been cursed with this regrettable phenomenon for over twelve years. (Korbi at Give Me My Remote)

Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is going to reunite the cast of Sound of Music for the first time in 45 years on her October 29 show. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer will be in attendance as well as the Von Trapp kids: Charmian Carr (Liesl), Nicholas Hammond (Friedrich), Heather Menzies-Urich (Louisa), Duane Chase (Kurt), Angela Cartwright (Brigitta), Debbie Turner (Marta), and Kym Karath (Gretl). (Tim Stack at Entertainment Weekly)

Ed Decter and John Strauss have officially signed on as show runners for the USA Network series In Plain Sight. The duo replaces John McNamara, who departed the series due to medical issues. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Your Turn: Pick Fall TV’s Best and Worst!


Showtime has signed up some big names for new development projects at the cable network, including Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards, who are working on a drama project together as well as Jeff Daniels and Timothy Busfield, who are collaborating on another project called Happily Ever After, which would star Daniels as a Michigan factory worker who quits his job to pursue music. The as-yet untitled Ruffalo/Edwards project is to be set in the morally ambiguous world of media crisis management and is to be centered on two partners running such a firm. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Actress Gloria Stuart – best known for her role as the elder Rose Dawson in the box office hit Titanic – has passed away at the age of 100. She started in films in 1932, taking roles in horror classics like Frankenstein and The Invisible Man. She became a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild in 1933, but retired from the big screen in the 1940’s. (The Washington Post and First Showing)

ME: Rest in peace, Ms. Stuart. Condolences to her family, friends and fans.


The following are the box office results for the top 10 movies for this past weekend courtesy of Exhibitor Relations at E! Entertainment Online:

1. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, $19 million
2. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, $16.3 million
3. The Town, $16 million
4. Easy A, $10.7 million
5. You Again, $8.3 million
6. Devil, $6.5 million
7. Resident Evil: Afterlife, $4.9 million
8. Alpha and Omega, $4.7 million
9. Takers, $1.7 million
10. Inception, $1.2 million

British actor Stephen Fry (Bones) has joined the cast of the upcoming sequel Sherlock Homes, playing Mycroft Holmes, brother of Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr.) and a key power player in the British Government. The movie is expected to be released next Christmas. (The Hollywood News and Dark Horizons)

Jason Reitman (Director of Up in the Air) has a new project called Young Adult, based on a script by Diablo Cody, about a ghostwriter (Charlize Theron) of young adult novels who returns to her hometown to reconnect with high-school friends. Patton Oswalt has joined the cast and Patrick Wilson is negotiating a deal to join the cast as well. (24 Frames and First Showing)


Indie Trailer Sunday: Emily Blunt & Rupert Grint in Wild Target


Daniel Stern (Home Alone) and Matt Frewer (Eureka) will star as former best friends who are dueling neighbors whose Christmas decorating rivalry gets a bit out of hand in the Hallmark Channel movie Battle of the Bulbs. The movie will debut on December 18 at 8 PM. (The Futon Critic)

Victoria Justice (Victorious) will appear in the Nickelodeon movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf on October 23 at 8 PM. Justice will star as Jordan Sands, a shy and unpopular teen who, through an accident, is transformed into a werewolf during a visit to Wolfsberg, Romania where her family has inherited an ancient castle. Brooke Shields (Lipstick Jungle) and Brooke D’Orsay (Royal Pains and Drop Dead Diva) co-star. (The Futon Critic)

Q&A SECTION (with Matt Roush at TV Guide)

Question: I was deeply upset to learn Lone Star was a ratings flop. Pretty much every TV critic out there absolutely raved about it and declared it the best new drama of the fall, and the must-watch show of the new season. I was impressed, though not blown away, and ready for the show to grow on me some more. But with such abysmal ratings — only 4 million people watched? Really? That would have been bad even for Heroes last year — is the show that critics were declaring fall’s best new drama going to fall victim to being the first new show of the season to be canceled? How long is it likely going to stick around? A couple of weeks, or a few months, or a full season? If Fox does decide to cancel it prematurely, is there a chance that it might find a new home somewhere on cable, where it would feel much more at home? I really did enjoy the show, but I just don’t feel like getting too attached is a very good idea at this point. — Alex

Matt Roush: You weren’t the only one upset. Anyone with a stake in networks continuing to attempt quality, non-formulaic programming has a right to be discouraged at the low numbers for Lone Star, which seemed to fulfill a self-fulfilling prophecy about the most challenging work only being done on cable. Lone Star has the feel of an AMC or FX show, in part because it’s built around an anti-hero (albeit a charming and sympathetic one). It’s original, it’s intriguing, and it very well may be doomed. A lot depends on what happens this week. And while the show’s new-to-TV creator Kyle Killen makes a valiant plea to viewers in his blog, and while I’m tempted to make a comparison to another Texas-set series — Friday Night Lights — to get people to tune in to this underdog, it’s pretty clear this is going to be an uphill battle. Mondays are murder — possibly even tougher than Thursdays, which no longer has a reality juggernaut on the night like Dancing With the Stars presents on Mondays.

I would like to think Fox would keep the show on the air a few weeks to see if word of mouth helps build a slightly healthier cult audience, but it’s a cutthroat ratings environment and I won’t be surprised if it’s benched quickly if the numbers stay this low. (It would take a miracle for the show to make it until sweeps, although stranger things have happened.) Fox has the option of trying to relaunch it on a less treacherous night, but I’m not sure how they get any momentum for that. And where to put it? Fridays? The likelihood of a cable network picking it up is next to nil. FX, the most logical candidate, has a pretty full stable of shows and isn’t in the business of picking up castoffs. And the show doesn’t seem established enough yet to earn a save from DirecTV (although I didn’t see the Damages rescue coming either). With Lone Star, I’m hoping against hope for the best and fearing the worst.

Question: I enjoyed reading the letter and your comments about relationships on shows and the “Moonlighting curse”. So many shows seem to fall into the same tired story line. One show that has been refreshingly different is Warehouse 13. The main characters of Myka and Pete seem to actually enjoy each other’s company. So many shows either have the character flirting with each other, like on Castle, or begrudgingly working together, as in The Mentalist. Myka and Pete almost have a sister-brother relationship that is so different than most other shows. If the show is doing well and comes back for another season, I hope the writers don’t mess up the best aspect of the show. — J.C.

Matt Roush: Totally agree. The characters on Warehouse 13 actually seem to root for each other to be happy with other people. Rarely turns out well, but the show’s young still, and as we learned with Pete and his veterinarian girlfriend, the job tends to get in the way. (And not to worry. Warehouse 13 will be back next year. That’s a no-brainer.) The affection Myka and Pete have for each other is as genuine as their exasperation over their clashing personality traits. Their sparring is part of the fun of the show, and it’s refreshing to not have it be clouded by the question of when they’re going to fall into bed together.

Question: Don’t you just love how on Terriers, they have a happy, healthy couple like Britt & Katie? Sure there is conflict in the relationship, but because the characters are fully fleshed-out people who have different opinions from time to time. Writing is NOT centered on “will they or won’t they”, or how dumb he is/how shrill-bitchy she is. — Liz

Matt Roush: Again, couldn’t agree more. Even when Britt revealed he burglarized Katie before he actually knew her, she eventually took that in stride. Terriers looks at all of its flawed characters with such affection, it’s part of what I admire about this show — and, for that matter, it’s a tone that distinguished Justified, making these my two favorite FX dramas at the moment. But the Britt and Katie relationship is a winner, no question.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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Now that most of the new and returning shows on the major networks have all aired (for the most part), this week’s recommendations will include shows that I have already talked about as well as a few new and/or returning shows.

Here are the recommendations for September 27 to October 3:

Monday, September 27:

Hawaii Five-0 (which is being touted by CBS as the: number 1 new show) will air its second episode at 10 PM.

Castle will be back with its next new episode on ABC at 10:01 PM.

Chuck will return for another hour of adventure on NBC at 8 PM.

The jury is still out on both the new show Lone Star on FOX – which airs at 9 PM as well as the new NBC series The Event, which also airs at 9 PM. Tune in for the second episodes of these shows to judge for yourself.

NOTE:  The Event will be reaired on NBC on Saturday, October 2 at 8 PM.

Tuesday, September 28:

The new series No Ordinary Family will debut on ABC at 8 PM.

NOTE:  This debut episode will also be reaired on ABC on Friday, October 1 at 9 PM.

Stargate Universe will be back with a new season of episodes on Syfy at 9 PM.

The Good Wife is back on CBS with its season premiere at 10 PM preceded by new episodes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles at 8 and 9 PM respectively.

Glee will return with its second episode of the new season on FOX at 8 PM.

Life Unexpected will air another new episode on the CW at 9 PM.

Unnatural History will have a new episode on the Cartoon Network at 8 PM (but please check local listings for start time).

Wednesday, September 29:

Undercovers airs its second episode on NBC at 8 PM.

Terriers has another new episode on FX at 10 PM.

Thursday, September 30:

Bones and Fringe are both back with new episodes on FOX at 8 and 9 PM respectively.

The Vampire Diaries and Nikita air new episodes on the CW at 8 and 9 PM respectively.

Grey’s Anatomy airs its second new episode of the season on ABC at 9 PM.

Friday, October 1:

Blue Bloods is on CBS with its second episode at 10 PM.

Human Target has its season premiere on FOX at 8 PM

Smallville and bairs their second episodes of the new seasons on the CW at 8 and 9 PM respectively.

Haven airs another new episode on Syfy at 10 PM.

REMINDER:  The debut episode of No Ordinary Family will be reaired tonight on ABC at 9 PM.

Saturday, October 2:

REMINDER:  The Monday night episode of The Event will be reaired tonight on NBC at 8 PM.

Sunday, October 3:

The season finale of the A&E series The Glades will air at 10 PM.

A new episode of Brothers & Sisters will air on ABC at 10:01 PM.

Which new or returning shows would you recommend folks watch this week? Please share.

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Faeline Faery by Misty Benson

Artist Spotlight: This month’s artist’s spotlight is on Misty Benson, who grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho, but at the age of 12 she moved with her family to Washington. She later lived in Colorado and, for a short time, in New York. Her travels have also taken her to Nepal, Thailand, Costa Rica, Spain, England, Wales, China, and South Africa. All roads have led her back to Idaho, though, which is where she resides now. One of her most wonderful memories of childhood is running wild and reading lots of books.

Misty loves all things sweet and spooky, sugar and sour, morbid and adorable; ergo, the name of her website Morbidly Adorable Creations by Misty Benson. Big eyes fit all those favorites and have influenced both her faery and what she calls “skelly” art. She first saw the big eye art of Gig as a child, as her grandmother had one of Gig’s famous “Pity Kitties” pieces on the wall. Besides Gig, a lot of her inspiration comes from big-eyed dolls such as Pullips and Dollfies. In addition, she has a love and respect for all life; including insects, which also inspires her artwork.

As mentioned, she grew up reading the Serendipity books and the ElfQuest novels being her favorites. Her love of faeries was deepened by the magickal world of Brian and Wendy Froud as well as the art style of Junko Mizuno. Her personal experiences and wonderful reading adventures have combined to reflect her art. Frido Kahlo is also a huge influence on the darker side of her art.

While her mom and aunt were the artists in the family when Misty was growing up, she took her first art history course (as well as an anthropology course) in college, ending up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Arts.

Today, she primarily paints in acrylics and sculpts in paperclay because of their ease and speed. For her Gossamerfaery Attic, she paints and sculpts dreamy, big-eyed faeries and delightful Day of the Dead skeletons. These creations have been featured in paintings, prints, one-of-a-kind sculptures, magnets, stickers and cards. Both her faeries and skellies have been publishes in the books “500 Fairy Motifs”, “Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed” and her solo book “The Morbidly Adorable Skelly”.

Her featured piece is called Faeline Faery, which showcases a glowering girl with her smiley “skelly” cat. This piece is one of her most popular images that depict her favorite things.

If you would like to reach Misty, you can email her gossamerfaery@hotmail.com or visit her website.

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The end of the primary premiere week for network TV is coming to a close with Friday’s ratings being released this morning. Those ratings follow, but as before, please keep in mind the numbers are by millions of overall viewers not according to any specific demographic:

8 PM Shows:

Medium (CBS) – 6.1 million
Smallville (The CW) – 2.9 million
Human Target (FOX) [reair] – 3.1 million

9 PM Shows:

CSI: NY (CBS) – 10.3 million
Supernatural (The CW) – 2.8 million
The Good Guys (FOX) – 2.9 million
The Whole Truth (ABC) [reair] – 2.9 million

10 PM Shows:

Blue Bloods (CBS) – 12.8 million
Outlaw (NBC) – 5.0 million

What shows did you watch? Please share.

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Hey All,

The end of another week is finally here and October is nearly upon us. Where does the time go?

Meanwhile, there is a quite a bit of news to share with all of you:


Andrew Lloyd Webber has finally found his Wizard of Oz: Stage legend Michael Crawford — who originated the role of the Phantom in Webber’s Phantom of the Opera 24 years ago — will take on the role as the ruler of Oz in the forthcoming London-based production. This is a rather buzzed-about London production that finds the British Webber producing and writing new songs with regular collaborator Tim Rice. The show’s Dorothy was found via the BBC talent-search show Over the Rainbow. (Variety and Tanner Stransky at Entertainment Weekly)


As I posted yesterday in a separate item, Lifetime has renewed its two hit show Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva for their fifth and third seasons, respectively, to premiere in 2011, during which 13 all-new episodes of each program will air on the network. (The Futon Critic)

The CW has ordered 6 more scripts for both their new show Hellcats and long-running series One Tree Hill. (The Futon Critic)

Marc Blucas (Buffy) has landed the lead role opposite Callie Thorne (Rescue Me) in the USA Network pilot Necessary Roughness, which centers on a female shrink (Thorne) who becomes the therapist for a professional football team. After succeeding beyond expectations, she is sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians, and those living in the spotlight who all want her unique brand of tough-love therapy. Blucas will play the team’s hunky trainer and a romantic foil for Thorne. (Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly)

Victor Garber (Alias and Eli Stone) has joined the USA Network pilot A Legal Mind as a senior lawyer (Twitter)

Summer Glau (Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) has signed on to guest star in Chuck as one of the many versions of Greta, the Buy More’s rotating undercover agent. She will appear in the eighth episode. Other upcoming Gretas include Stacy Keibler and Isaiah Mustafa. Olivia Munn originated the role in Monday’s season premiere. Glau will next appear opposite David Lyons in the NBC midseason drama The Cape. (Michael Auseillo at Entertainment Weekly)


Courteney Cox and David Arquette are reportedly close to landing a new drama at ABC centering on the stories of 911 operators. No other details were given. (The Futon Critic)


1950s pop singer Eddie Fisher (and father of Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher) passed away last night from complications related to hip surgery at the age of 82. Fisher was married to well-known actresses Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens during his lifetime, creating one of the biggest romantic scandals when in 1959 he left then wife (and America’s sweetheart) Debbie Reynolds to marry Elizabeth Taylor. He was also the father of Tricia Leigh Fisher and actress Joely Fisher. (Robyn Ross at TV Guide)

ME: Consider Fisher and his scandal just like that of Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. Only imagine it 10 times bigger than the coverage that scandal received and you’ll just touch on how big that scandal was at the time.


Chloe Moretz (Let Me In and Hit Girl) will take the lead role of Emily the Strange in the adaptation of the cult fave Dark Horse comic series of the same name. (Deadline and First Showing)

Kimberly Peirce (Director of Boys Don’t Cry and Stop-Loss) has been chosen by Universal Pictures to direct Wicked Lovely, the adaptation of the first book in the best-selling young adult fantasy series by Melissa Marr. The film centers on a teenage girl, Aislinn, who has seen dangerous faeries her entire life and must go against everything she was taught to confront a world she was raised to fear. (Nicole Sperling at Entertainment Weekly)

Former Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, has told The Hollywood Reporter that she would self-finance a feature film version of her dearly departed noir drama IF Warner Bros. would release the rights to Veronica Mars. At this point, though, Warner Bros. feels they will not make any money out of a film version and will not release the movie rights. (Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter and Televisionary)

Emma Watson (Harry Potter franchise) is in negotiations to join the box office movie My Week With Marilyn, which is based on a diary by Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), a young actor who worked for Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) when the veteran actor shepherded Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) around London while she shot The Prince and the Showgirl in 1956. Clark and Marilyn shared many confidences and became close despite her recent marriage to playwright Arthur Miller. Emma will play Lucy, a wardrobe assistant working behind the scenes during the making of the film who has a few dates with Clark. Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia), Derek Jacobi, Judi Dench (among others) co-star. (The Daily Mail and Dark Horizons)

Warner Bros. has snapped up a sci-fi spec script dubbed Expulsion by mystery writer Gregg Hurwitz and set it up with Brad Weston. The story centers on a small band of survivors escaping to a planet beyond the solar system after a terrorist attack destroys Earth. (Dave McNary at Variety)

Billy Zane (Titanic) is to produce and direct the project Photismos (the working title) [which means illumination] is about the relationship between a young man and his uncle and will touch on philosophy, theology, Pythagoras’ theories, geometry….and Frisbees. (Nick Holdsworth at Variety)

AJ Michalka (Secretariat) has joined the cast of the J.J. Abrams movie Super 8, which includes cast members Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard. (Brian Warmoth at MTV Movies Blog)

Pixar has named its first female director, Brenda Chapman, to direct and write the animated film Brave, which is due out in June 2012. The story follows Merida, a tomboyish royal with a love of archery. After a fight with her mom, Merida makes a decision with some major repercussions for her father’s kingdom. Reese Witherspoon, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters are all expected to provide voices for the film. (The Hollywood Reporter and Breia Brissey at Entertainment Weekly)


Must Watch: Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech Official Trailer

That’s it. Enjoy!

Have a terrific weekend!

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Premiere week is nearly at an end and the results for last night’s dramatic programming are in. Here’s how all of the shows fared in terms of overall viewers not any specific demographic:

8 PM Shows:

Bones (FOX) – 9.8 million
My Generation (ABC) – 5.2 million
The Vampire Diaries (The CW) – 3.6 million

9 PM Shows:

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – 14 million
CSI (CBS) – 14.6 million
Fringe (FOX) – 5.8 million
Nikita (The CW) – 3.2 million

10 PM Shows:

The Mentalist (CBS) – 15.3 million
Private Practice (ABC) – 9 million

Which shows did you watch last night? Please share.

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The folks over at E! Entertainment Online just broke the news that Lifetime has picked up Army Wives for its 5th season and Drop Dead Diva for a third season.

Congrats to the cast and crew of both shows!

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Hey All,

Another big night of TV is coming up tonight with new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita on the CW as well as the returns of Bones and Fringe on FOX and CSI and The Mentalist on CBS. There is also the debut of the new show My Generation and the returns of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice all on ABC. Enjoy the viewing.

In the meantime, here are the news items for today:


Jon Seda (The Pacific and Homicide: Life on the Street) has joined the cast of the HBO drama Treme as a series regular, playing a politically connected developer and venture capitalist from Dallas, who becomes involved in the renewal efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

Jason Wiles (Third Watch and Persons Unknown) will guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in an upcoming episode. (Robyn Ross at TV Guide)

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse) will guest star in at least one upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory as an FBI agent assigned to conduct a background check on Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) when he needs high-level clearance for a new project. (Matt Mitovich at Fancast)

Showtime has officially announced the debut date for their new shows Shameless and Episodes as well as the return of Californication. All three shows will air on January 9, starting at 9 PM with Californication followed by Episodes and Shameless closing the night at 10 PM. (Showtime and Televisionary)

Serina Swan (Smallville) will guest star in an upcoming episode of Supernatural, playing a news reporter chronicling an unsettling series of suicides. She is to appear in the fourth episode of the new season, which returns starting tomorrow night. (Matt Mitovich at Fancast and Televisionary)


Jacqueline Bisset will star in the Hallmark Channel movie An Old Fashioned Christmas on December 11 at 8 PM, reprising her role of Isabella Crawford in this sequel to the movie An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving that came out in 2008. This sequel continues the narrative of Isabella (Bisset) and Tilly (Catherine Steadman of The Tudors) traveling the globe so the wealthy grandmother can teach her talented writer/granddaughter the nuances of character development and refined living. (The Futon Critic)


The new development projects by J.J. Abrams have been picked up. His Alcatraz project, which he is working on with Elizabeth Sarnoff (Lost) has been picked up as a pilot by FOX. The show is about the mysteries and secrets of the most infamous prison of all time. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

Meanwhile, his yet-to-be-named Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn (both stars on Lost) series has been given a pilot commitment by ABC. (Vulture)

The new pilot Exit Strategy from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the men behind Fringe and the new Hawaii Five-0) has received a pilot commitment from FOX. The series is described as a high octane procedural set in the world of CIA agents who are sent in to “fix” operations gone bad. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

A period racing drama called Kings of Speed is being developed for the cable station Starz by Wolfgang Petersen and Ron Shelton. This will potentially be a ten-hour limited series focusing on the international automobile racing circuit of the 1950s and 19960s, Enzo Ferrari, and the underground car culture of Southern California. (Variety and Televisionary)


Elizabeth Banks has joined the cast of the crime thriller Man on a Ledge, starring Sam Worthington as a cop falsely imprisoned who escapes after being let out for his father’s funeral and stands on a hotel ledge threatening suicide. At the same time his brother (Jamie Bell) plans the heist of a jewelry store across the street while his brother’s actions are keeping everyone occupied. Banks will play the NYPD crisis negotiator who tries to talk the cop, with whom she has a past relationship, down from his precarious perch. (Dark Horizons)


Check Out the Newest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer!

Watch: ‘Mrs. Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room’ Early Teaser

Q&A SECTION (with Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly)

Question: I think you’ve been a little stingy with The Vampire Diaries scoop. How about some enlightenment? —Robin

Ausiello: How about some casting scoop? She Spies alum (and season 7 American Idol almost-finalist) Natashia Williams has landed the role of Lucy, a mysterious hipster who possesses a fun swagger.

Question: Castle scoop, please? —Ellen

Ausiello: Scrubs: Med School alum Michael Mosley will be guest-starring in an episode tentatively scheduled to air in November. No details on who he’s playing, though.

Question: Okay, so in order for me to make it ’till Thursday, I need some Grey’s Anatomy scoop—specifically on Mer/Der. —Olivia

Ausiello: By the time Meredith tells Derek about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage in next week’s episode, she will have kept both secrets for a grand total of three months. Why wait so long? “The man was shot and he’s already feeling [responsible] for getting a bunch of people killed,” explains series creator Shonda Rhimes. “So for her to tell him that the shooting also caused her miscarriage seems a little bit cruel. He doesn’t need one more thing to worry about.” Makes sense to me!

Question: I’d love a little Grey’s Anatomy scoopbit. —Christine

Ausiello: Yet another Buffy grad is checking into Seattle Grace. Amber Benson (ex-Tara) will guest star in this season’s seventh episode as the estranged daughter of one of Cristina’s patients.

Question: Any scoop on Ziva’s storyline on NCIS? —Jennifer

Ausiello: During November sweeps, Ziva “comes face-to-face with her father for the first time since her return from Israel,” reveals exec producer Shane Brennan. “It’s an emotion-charged reunion in a two-part episode that also reveals much about the enigmatic Eli David and one of the other team members.”

Question: I am just wondering about NCIS: Los Angeles and the status of Peter Cambor and his character Nate; in the premiere episode he’s only listed as a special guest star. What’s going on? —Kevin

Ausiello: You’ll get your answer in next week’s episode.

Question: A Brothers & Sisters scoop ahead of this weekend’s season premiere? —Kelly

Ausiello: Justin the golden child will replace Justin the hothead screw-up this season. “Justin returns from Afghanistan a very different Justin,” reveals exec producer David Marshall Grant. “We all felt that it was time for him to grow up. He becomes a much (stronger) and a much more helpful force in the Walker family. I don’t think Justin is going to be the problem anymore as much as he might be the solution.”

Question: I’m a Charice fan and was wondering when we’ll see her again on Glee? —Mauruce

Ausiello: Probably not until after Sectionals in January. That girl’s got pipes to spare!

Question: What can you tell us about the 200th episode of Smallville. Rumor has it there is going to be a major Clois moment in that episode. —Lisa

Ausiello: I can confirm that the final shot in the episode will drive Clois fans bonkers. I can also confirm that Kristin Kreuk will make a cameo appearance… sort of. The landmark episode contains a Lana flashback.

Question: Is there any news at all about the Pushing Daisies comic books? —Eric

Ausiello: Here’s an update from Bryan Fuller himself: “Issue no. 1 will hopefully be out in early 2011, issue no. 2 is being colored as we speak, and issue no. 3 is being written. Our Emmy-Award winning composer Jim Dooley and I have been talking about giving the audience a multi-media experience with the comic—specifically a score. We have no idea whether we can actually afford to do an actual Pushing Daisies comic soundtrack (because the cast has agreed to sing songs and those licensing fees are expensive), but Jim has already started composing musical cues that we will either release officially or stream for free online when the comic book is published. I’ve already heard the track for Lee Pace’s cover and it’s fantastic.”

Question: How about a Friday Night Lights spoiler? —Steve

Ausiello: In the fifth episode of the new season, the wife of a college TA screams the following words in a crowded library: “Julie Taylor is a whore!”

Question: I just saw the premiere of The Event, and it was so good! Do you have any scoops? —Marie-Eve

Ausiello: I just watched next week’s episode and was completely satisfied with both the quality and quantity of the answers we got. In addition to learning what happened to the plane and its inhabitants, we find out what turned Scott Patterson into the pilot from hell and who exactly The Others (a.k.a. Laura Innes & Co.) are. Bonus scoops: A rather pivotal character from the premiere is murdered and someone else is not who he/she claims to be.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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