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Thanks to writer Phil Plait over at Slate, the following is an awesome new fan film based on the world of Joss Whedon’s Firefly that any fan of that verse should really enjoy!

Check out the link below and enjoy!:

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Veronica Mars

The folks over at E! Television aired the trailer for the much anticipated and fan-made Veronica Mars box office movie last night and followed that up with releasing it online for all to see so without further delay below you will find the link to the Veronica Mars movie directly below. Enjoy!

Veronica Mars Trailer

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Style: "Wizards"

Are you a fan of the syndicated series Legend of the Seeker that came to an end back in May of 2010?

If you are, then you probably know about the ongoing fan effort to get the show back on the air in some capacity.

The most recent effort that is currently happening is that Legend of the Seeker is part of SMGO: a new Kickstarter-type company whose charter is to bring back cancelled shows.

Fans can go to SMGO here to place their vote for Legend of the Seeker and once the show has reached the voting benchmark of 15,000 votes, proving that the show has a realistic chance to crowd-fund the show, SMGO will reach out to the appropriate production studio. The show cannot transition to this funding phase without production studio approval.

Legend of the Seeker is nearly there as the last voting tally was just a little over 13,900 votes. So, if you are a fan, go over to SMGO and make your vote count.

It should also be noted that author Terry Goodkind, whose book “The Sword of Truth” was the basis for this TV series, also recently gave his blessing to this fan endeavor. You can see his Facebook posting here.

Legend of the Seeker aired in syndication for two seasons all across the globe, telling the story of Richard Cypher (Craig Horner) a woodsman who turns out to be the Seeker, the one man in the fictional world of the Midlands, D’Hara and Westland who can defeat Darken Rahl, the evil ruler of D’Hara. Accompanied by Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), a Confessor, an ancient order of women who oversee the welfare of the people of the Midlands and the Seeker and powerful wizard Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (Bruce Spence), Richard sets out to defeat Darken Rahl.

You can learn about the efforts of the Legend of the Seeker fans by visiting Save Our Seeker here.

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Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths

Web series are all the rage lately; and another great, new female-themed web series is bound to be the talk of the internet this coming summer.

The popular blog Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths [which can be found here] from writer/producer Patricia Steffy is hoping to debut this summer, but the folks behind this production need your help. They have started an IndieGogo crowd-funding campaign page to raise financing for this project that will consist of ten episodes in its first season.

Here is the general premise behind Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths:

Kate Holt (to be played by Steffy) is lost. While Kate is an educated, successful business woman, she finds herself stymied when it comes to navigating the seemingly endless set of pitfalls inherent to the dating scene in Los Angeles. After all, no one comes to Los Angeles to find love—people here barely find like. Songs of found love are written about San Francisco or New York, not Los Angeles for a very good reason: L.A. is where dating comes to die.

Perhaps she has spent too much time wandering through literary realities, but as Kate begins her journey, she fervently longs for more formal times where intentions were declared before fluids were exchanged. And she would very much like to understand why a sane person, who would never pick up a hitchhiker, does not think twice about going home with a stranger met in a bar.

But these are the scenarios Kate is thrust into upon receiving an email from The EX proclaiming his joy at becoming engaged to someone he has known but briefly—a fact particularly difficult for Kate to reconcile given the decade she spent dating him.

Dating in L.A. and Other Urban Myths will follow Kate as she tries to accept the advice of her friends: she will now have to date in L.A. despite the reality that she is not 21, not a supermodel, and can’t comprehend why anyone thinks anal bleaching is good idea.

The cast of this new web series will also include actress Lesley Fera, best known for her recurring role of Veronica Hastings on the popular ABC Family drama Pretty Little Liars, as Penelope, a “no nonsense” type who thinks the world would be better off with less therapy and more common sense; and General Hospital star Jen Lilley, who will play Chloe, a wholesome, unintentional self-saboteur with a flair for both the dramatic and the romantic.

All funds raised through the Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths campaign will go towards paying for the first season (10 episodes) of the web series. This is, obviously, a passion project, being produced by independent artists who need your support to make it a reality.

If $10,000 is raised, the production team will be able to film an expanded pilot episode of the web series;

If $40,000 is raised, they can film some version (perhaps shorter) of the first season of the series;

But if $85,000 is raised, they will be able to film the entire 10 episodes with their fabulous actors and crew.

So, every penny counts and you can make a big difference for this unique production!

There are, of course, incentives for whatever donation each person can make. You can learn more about those by visiting the Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths IndieGogo fund-raising page here.

You can also help spread the word about Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths by spreading the word using IndieGogo share tools as well as following the production on Twitter at @datinglaseries and on Tumblr here.

NOTE: Please be on the look-out for updates on this new production, including casting announcements and a great fan-oriented contest coming soon.

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Veronica Mars

You’ve probably already seen the articles at Entertainment Weekly or at Entertainment Tonight Online.

Or, maybe you’ve been reading all the Twitter posts, but it looks like this thing just might finally happen.

What is “that” thing I speak of, you ask?

A Veronica Mars movie!

Well, it looks like it might film this summer for a 2014 release…as long as fans can step up and help the Kickstarter campaign, that is.

Please visit here to learn all the details!

Let’s make this happen, Marshmellows!!

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You can make your voice heard by voting in the Third Annual TV Guide Fan Favorites Awards; the top vote-getting show will be on the cover of the magazine too.

Here are the nominees:

Doctor Who
Happy Endings
Parks and Recreation
Pretty Little Liars
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead

Previous fan favorite shows Supernatural and Community are now in TV Guide’s Fan Favorites Hall of Fame and are NOT eligible.

You can vote as many times as you want right here. Polls close on October 28 at midnight (Pacific time), though.

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Are you among the millions of superhero fans who want to see the long in gestation Wonder Woman film finally come to the big screen?

Well, you just might get to see that project come to fruition albeit through a fan-made film made possible by fan donations at Indiegogo.

This Wonder Woman fan film is based on the successful imagery by SuperHero Photography, which you can check out here.

The following is verbatim from the Indiegogo website for the fan-made Wonder Woman film:

Every fan loves a fan film: a labor of love that presents a unique point of view, pushing the boundaries of what movies are allowed to do. Iconic characters are the most symbolic and the most important, and we chose Wonder Woman because she is EPIC, and arguably the most controversial of all of DC’s most beloved characters! To our knowledge their isn’t yet a Wonder Woman Fan Film out there that has been able to do her justice and we want to give the fans something to go gaga over!!

After the explosion of comments, shares, interviews of Adam Jay’s Wonder Woman photo shoot with Sarah Scott, we decided this is the time ! Sarah will be playing the role for this fan film.

You can learn more about the fan made film and its efforts to raise the necessary funds needed to make the film by visiting their official website Indiegogo.

DISCLAIMER: Wonder Woman is the intellectual property of DC Comics/Time Warner. No infringement is meant! (They) are just looking to play in their sandbox. And I am just helping to spread the word!

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