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Here are the movies and series that you can look forward to seeing on TV in December:

December 2 – The Hallmark Channel movie The Santa Suit debuts at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The movie is about a greedy elitist and Hunter Toys CEO Derek Hunter (Kevin Sorbo), who looks down on the whole of humanity until he is suddenly transformed from Fortune 500 phenom to Santa Claus to learn that when people are stripped of worldly splendor, and have nothing except their humanity to define them, they tend to make more heartfelt and purposeful choices.

December 3 – The NBC movie A Walk In My Shoes, a part of the Walmart and Proctor & Gamble “Family Movie Night”, will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Nancy Travis stars as Trish Fahey, a stressed-out high school teacher who can’t understand her students’ lack of effort and why their parents don’t seem to care. This is especially true of a basketball star who is underperforming in her class. All of this changes when Trish wrecks her car and wakes up to find herself living in the shoes of Justin’s mom, a woman she has personally judged and criticized. Philip Winchester (Crusoe) and Jackson Pace also star.

December 4 – The Hallmark Channel movie Farewell Mr. Kringle will air at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Christine Taylor (Zoolander) stars as cynical scrooge and jaded journalist Ann Wahl who is forced by her editor Zoe (Vivica A. Fox) to travel to a Christmas-themed town to meet a man whose passion for Christmas traditions has transformed a town. The film also stars Christopher Wiehl (Jericho) and W. Morgan Sheppard (Love’s Abiding Joy).

December 5 – The Lifetime Movie Network movie On Strike for Christmas will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Every year Joy works like crazy in the weeks leading up to the holidays to make everything perfect for her family. This is her family’s last Christmas together before her son heads off to college and she wants to make it the best ever. After her attempts to involve her husband and boys fail, and feeling completely unsupported and taken for granted, Joy goes on strike. The movie stars Daphne Zuniga, David Sutcliffe and Julia Duffy.

NOTE: This movie will also air on December 9 at 8 PM and December 24 at 10 PM

December 5 – The new holiday movie Christmas with a Capital C will air on the cable channel GMC at 7 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Christmas will never be Christmas again if Lawyer Mitch Bright has his way. The Townsfolk of Trapper Falls, Alaska face their toughest challenge as the battle of removing the nativity from the town square tears at the traditional and spiritual fabric of this joyous season. This is more than just a legality or separation of church and state; it is a knife that cuts through the heart of peace and good will towards all men. This film stars Ted McGinley, Nancy Stafford and Daniel Baldwin.

NOTE: This movie will reair at 9 and 11 PM that night.

December 6 – The Closer is back with 5 episodes at 9 PM followed by new episodes of Men of a Certain Age on TNT at 10 PM

December 7 – Eureka and Warehouse 13 airs holiday themed episodes on Syfy at 9 and 10 PM respectively

Story Synopsis: On Eureka, Global Dynamics staffer Dr. Noah Drummer (Chris Parnell) nearly absconds with a volatile experiment; the halls get seriously decked when Drummer’s unstable hydrogen crystal starts to grow at a frightening rate. Meanwhile on Warehouse 13, Myka and Pete are called upon to hunt down a malevolent Santa Claus who terrorizes guest star Paul Blackthorne while Artie and his estranged father (Judd Hirsch) reunite after 30 years.


December 8 – AMC begins a landmark marathon of all three seasons of Breaking Bad, airing two back-to-back episodes every Wednesday night, starting tonight and running through March 2011

December 9 – The Hallmark Channel movie The Santa Incident will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The movie stars Ione Skye (Private Practice and Say Anything) and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) in a story about Homeland Security’s Asymmetrical Threats Division, which has unknowingly targeted Santa Claus for piloting an unidentified aircraft and flouting national sovereignty. A heat-seeking missile is set upon Santa Claus; and once his reindeer are rocked and he crashes to Earth, he rescued by a couple of kids and nursed back to health by their mom Joanna (Skye). But a couple of bumbling secret agents (including Germann) have also homed in on Santa’s position, and they are determined to make Kris Kringle pay for their looking bad in a prior botched anti-alien interdiction.

December 10 – The season (sans series) finale of The Good Guys will air on FOX at 9 PM

December 11 – The movie An Old Fashioned Christmas will debut on the Hallmark Channel at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Jacqueline Bisset reprises her role of Isabella Crawford in this sequel to the movie An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving. This sequel continues the narrative of Isabella (Bisset) and Tilly (Catherine Steadman of The Tudors) traveling the globe so the wealthy grandmother can teach her talented writer/granddaughter the nuances of character development and refined living.

December 11 – The Syfy movie Ice Quake will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The melting Alaskan permafrost creates underground rivers of volatile liquid methane, causing a succession of violent and destructive earthquakes. One family, separated by the disastrous events, must find each other during Christmas and together stop the deadly rivers before a catastrophic explosion threatens the entire planet. The movie stars Brendan Fehr (Roswell and Bones) and Victor Garber (Alias and Eli Stone).

December 12 – Leverage will be back on TNT at 9 PM

December 12 – The ABC Family Channel movie Christmas Cupid will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Actress-singer Christina Milian stars as Sloane Spencer, a high powered Hollywood publicist who finds herself haunted by the ghost of her recently departed infamous client Caitlin (Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars). This is a modern take, of course, on the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” co-starring Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill).

NOTE: This movie will reair at 10 PM that night as well as at 7 PM on December 13.

December 12 and 13 – The Lifetime movie event Marry Me will debut at 9 PM both nights

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal and Charlie’s Angels) stars as Rae Ann Carter, a single aspiring artist-turned-social worker who always wanted a fairytale romance – to fall madly in love and live happily ever after. But when her two-year relationship falls apart, Rae unexpectedly falls for a new man, Luke (Steve Pasquale from Rescue Me), who asks her to marry her after a few short dates. Just as everything seems to fall into place for Rae, her ex-boyfriend Adam (Bobby Cannavale from Third Watch) suddenly re-emerges into her life with a proposal of his own. Things get even further complicated when a third man (Enrique Murciano from Without a Trace), smitten by Rae, enters the picture and asks for her hand in marriage, as well. With three men after her heart, who will be Rae’s Prince Charming? The movie also co-stars Annie Potts (Designing Women), Vanessa Marano (Dexter), Elizabeth Bogush (The Big Bang Theory) and Danielle Nicolet (CSI).

December 13 to 17 – The CW will reair episodes of The Vampire Diaries throughout the entire week, two episodes each night at 8 and 9 PM

December 14 – The Hallmark Channel movie Three Wise Women will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Fionnula Flanagan (Lost and Brotherhood) stars in this new twist on ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Flanagan stars as Beth, who has a rare opportunity to accompany her guardian angel, Tom (Hugh O’Connor), to visit her past and find out exactly how a single choice can change a life.

December 15 – The holiday episode of Psych will air on the USA Network at 10 PM


December 16 – Back-to-back season finale episodes of Burn Notice will air at 9 and 10 PM on USA Network

December 16 – The Hallmark Channel movie Gift of the Magi debuts at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The movie stars Marla Sokoloff (The Practice) as Della Young and Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) as her husband Jim, who are financially strapped newlyweds about to spend their first Christmas together. Challenged to buy secret gifts for each other, both end up selling their most prized possessions.

December 18 – The Hallmark Channel movie Battle of the Bulbs will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Daniel Stern (Home Alone) and Matt Frewer (Eureka) will star as former best friends who are dueling neighbors whose Christmas decorating rivalry gets a bit out of hand.

December 19 – The 2-hour season finale of Leverage will air at 9 PM (check local listings for airtime)

December 24 – A marathon of Doctor Who episodes will begin tonight at 12 midnight on BBC America (leading up to the movie referenced below on December 25)

December 25 – The 2-hour Doctor Who Christmas special called A Christmas Carol will air on BBC America at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Newlyweds Amy Pond and Rory Williams are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser (Michael Gambon from Harry Potter franchise). The movie will also feature opera diva Katherine Jenkins.


December 27 to December 30 – Every episode from the third season of True Blood will be aired in back-to-back episodes over these 4 days on HBO (check local listings for airtimes)

December 31 – A 24-hour marathon of episodes of House will air on the USA Network today, starting at 6 AM

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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the fall season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

8 PM
Chuck on NBC
NCIS on USA Network
Sunshine Cleaning movie on Encore
The Craft movie on Oxygen

9 PM
Gracie’s Choice movie on Lifetime

10 PM
Castle on ABC
Pirate Radio on Cinema
The Craft movie on Oxygen
The Closer on TNT

10:30 PM
The Big C on Showtime


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