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The new Apple TV+ drama Invasion will debut online on October 22.

An alien invasion is seen through the different perspectives of various people on different continents across the world.

The cast includes Sam Neill and Shamier Anderson.

Here is a trailer for Invasion:

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Today was the day for fans of the DC Universe whether it’s their love of comics, animation, box office films, video games, fan art, collectibles or TV shows. Today’s virtual event included tons of talent from all of these avenues of the entertainment industry within the DC world as well as sneak peeks, behind the scenes looks, teasers, trailers and announcements galore.

The cavalcade of DC properties that were discussed included:

The box office films Black Adam, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Suicide Squad, The Flash, Blue Bettle, Batgirl, Shazam! Gods of Fury and The Batman;

The current TV shows The Flash, Superman & Lois, Stargirl, Supergirl, Doom Patrol, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Titans, Sweet Tooth and Pennyworth; as well as the upcoming new shows Peacemaker, DMZ, Naomi and The Sandman;

Animated projects (film or in print) such as Aquaman: King of Atlantis, Milestone Media’s Next Generation DC, My Adventures with Superman, League of Super Pets, Injustice, Catwoman: Hunted, Batman: Unburied, Harley Quinn, Young Justice: Phantoms, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures and Batman: Caped Crusader;

Video games such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Gotham Knights and DC’s Heroes and Villains;

The 20th Anniversary of the TV series Smallville and the 80th Anniversary of Wonder Woman were spotlighted: and

Other properties like the upcoming John Ridley book “The Other History of the DC Universe,” “Monkey Prince” comics, Hot Wheels “Batwheels,” new collectibles from McFarlane Toys, the first digital title “Robins” and the “Trial of the Amazons” comics.

Here are some of the big moments from today’s virtual event:

Black Adam sneak peek:

The movie will be in theatres on July 29, 2022.

The Flash introduction of the legendary gold boots.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom behind the scenes:

The movie will be in theatres on December 16, 2022.

Milestone Media Next Generation DC Announcement. This is a new venture created to develop the next generation of comic book artists, writers, colorists, editors and more.

Jim Lee, the renowned comic book artist, writer, editor and publisher, announced that Superman has a new motto: “Truth, justice and a better tomorrow.”

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart will team up, once again, this time providing their voices to the animated movie DC’s League of Super Pets, voicing Krypto and Ace respectively.

The Flash (the box office movie) sneak peek:

The movie is in production now with no official release date set just yet.

DC was in the mood for renewals with Doom Patrol and Titans both announcing each would be back for a 4th season on HBO Max; Sweet Tooth will be back with season two on Netflix and Pennyworth will be back for a 3rd season with all 3 seasons airing on HBO Max.

Here is your first look at Gwendoline Christie (from Game of Thrones and the Star Wars franchise) as Lucifer Morningstar in the upcoming live adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will celebrate 100 episodes and here is a tribute to the show’s “100 episodes in 100 seconds”:

Patty Jenkins and the one and only Lynda Carter shared a conversation about Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary, shared that Wonder Woman 3 will happen, and it was also shared that a year-long celebration of everyday women is ongoing via Real Women.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods behind the scenes look:

The movie will be in theatres in 2023.

The Batman Full Trailer:

The movie will be in theatres on March 4, 2022.

You can learn a lot more about DC Fandome here.

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On October 19, the new ABC drama Queens will debut at 10:01 PM.

Brianna, Jill, Valeria and Naomi once appeared as the “Nasty Bitches” in the 1990s. Together, the four of them not only turned the world of hip-hop upside down, but also achieved legendary status through their music.

The four women are now in their forties, unworldly and largely estranged. By reuniting the four, there is now a chance to return to old fame and vigor. But will the former megastars, also known as Professor Sex, Butter Pecan, Da Thrill and Xplicit Lyrics, manage to achieve this ambitious goal?

The cast includes Brandy, Eve, Natura Naughton and Nadine Velazquez.

Here is a trailer for Queens:

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New York Comic Con 2021 was held this weekend with both in-person and virtual panels. TV was represented by many different shows, ranging from superheroes to sci-fi to fantasy to thriller to time travel to apocalyptic to comedy.

The following is only a sampling of the panels that took place over the last few days.


Melissa Benoist participated in a virtual panel for Supergirl and she shared the following:

“I don’t think I truly realized what I was signing up for, so my expectations…my mind was blown right from the start. It was one of the hardest, most challenging experiences of my life, and I think it will remain that for the rest of my life. I hope that (Supergirl) always and forever…shows fans and young women in particular how to be true to yourself and not be afraid to speak up and to empower the people you love around you and really embrace community.”

With the show now wrapped, the two-hour series finale of Supergirl will air on The CW on November 9, Benoist is busy with her 1-year-old child and a new project through her Three Things production banner based on the young adult novel series ‘Haven’s Secret.’



[CREDIT: Bennett Raglin-Getty Images for ReedPop]

“So say we all!”

Edward James Olmost and Mary McDonnell appeared in person for this retrospective on the reboot of the 1970’s series that debuted as a mini-series back in 2003.

Both actors were “a bit dubious about the reboot (at first), but after reading the script, (they) both were sold.” They both remembered the dearly departed Richard Hatch, who starred in the original series and came back to play Tom Zarek in the reboot. They shared that Hatch was dubious as well, but became a huge defender of it once it began.

Among the other things they shared during their time on stage was:

* Series creator Ronald D. Moore told McDonnell her character, Laura Roslin, would live to see Earth at the end (of the show) and then die soon after;
* They didn’t know who the famous “final five” Cylons were until they got the scripts for those episodes, and they shared that even some of the actors who ended up playing those Cylons didn’t know;
* McDonnell shared that her most emblematic comment as Roslin was in season 4 when Adama was being threatened. She uttered the line, “I’m coming for all of you” over the comms, and that made McDonnell realize that Roslin was a powerhouse of rage and loss; and,
* Olmos shared that the most difficult scene for him was when Adama put the ring on Roslin’s finger after her death. “It was the last thing we shot together, and it ended up becoming the truth of what life is, the cycle.” And, he shared that he “was very fortunate to part” of the show.

You can rewatch Battlestar Galactica on Peacock, and a revival of the show is in the works for Peacock as well.



The sixth and final season of the sci-fi drama that went from Syfy to Amazon Prime Video was at the con virtually with most of the cast and the producers in attendance. There will be plenty of pedal-to-the-metal excitement, as each episode will roll out “old-school style” – one episode per week.

There will be plenty of tension, guilt and worry on the Rocif with the “not-so-welcome” Clarissa (aka Peaches) in Alex’s (who died last season) stead; tension between Naomi and Amos; Holden still has the weight of the universe on his shoulders; and Avasarala is back heading the UN, trying to save the universe.

The Expanse is back one last time on December 10 on Amazon.



The cast and creator were there virtually to talk about the debut of the fantasy series. Creator Rafe Judkins shared that this show “will be different from other fantasy TV series out there. It’s the book’s connection to Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism philosophy that makes (it) stand out. It’s not really about defeating evil, it’s about restoring balance to the world. And at a time like this in the world, he feels finding balance is super relevant right now.”

For lead star Rosamund Pike, she shared that “she is a big reader of fantasy, and was intrigued that the central character who gets to change these people’s lives is a woman.

The sets and costumes were described by some of the cast members as “grand scale,” and there was even some speculation on season two before the show even debuts.



[CREDIT: New York Comic Con-Reed Pop]

Cast members Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Chase Crawford and Karen Fukuhara took to the stage in New York to talk about the first two seasons of the superhero series, as they didn’t share much about the upcoming third season.

As you can imagine, the conversation included talk about their super suits, with Antony sharing that Homelander’s getup is among one of the most intense ensembles, stating, “My suit’s a nightmare.” And, Erin teased that Nathan Mitchell (who plays Black Noir) fell asleep in his suit, which covers him head-to-toe, he was “fully 100% asleep, caught on camera.” Jack and Karen shared that while they don’t have super suits, they’re “always covered in blood.”

Some other behind the scenes items were:
* Helen Mirren almost provided the voice over for The Deep’s gills (but that eventually went to Patton Oswalt);
* “We are children on set,” the cast admitted; and,
* Chase joked the Fresca obsession is “still a secret…we don’t know.”

The third season of The Boys will air on Amazon Prime Video, but an official date has yet to be set.



It was another virtual panel for the CBS thriller series that has since moved over to Paramount+. While the season two finale aired on Sunday night, fans can be happy to know that the show will be back for a third season.

The main cast and executive producers were on tap for the panel with co-creator Robert King sharing that the discussions throughout the series between Kristen and David are the “heartbeat” of the series.

Each cast member shared something:
* Katja Herbers shared she enjoyed Kristen unraveling in season two; she’s “always really happy” when a new script comes in;
* Mike Colter shared that he’s “drawn to his character because he’s very far from (who he is) himself, especially when it comes to religion; and,
* Michael Emerson shared that Leland “relishes his work, and he likes the expressions on people’s faces when his sickness goes down; I’m not working so hard at comedy, but I’m grateful it’s there.”



The time travel drama was on the stage with Sam Heughan, author Diana Gabaldon and EP Maril Davis appearing in person while cast members Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Lauren Lyle, Cesar Domboy and John Bell were there virtually.

Season 6 will focus on Claire and her beloved Jamie’s attempts to settle in peace and thrive in colonial America – not an easy task, on highlands or in North Carolina. You can see the teaser trailer in the link below:

‘Outlander’ Reveals Season 6 Teaser Trailer Ahead Of 2022 Debut – New York Comic Con

The upcoming season will feature a 90-minute premiere episode and overall consists of 8 episodes. Production on Season 7 will start soon, consisting of 16 episodes.

Outlander will be back with season 6 in early 2022.


Check out the trailer for the latest movie:

Psych 3: This Is Gust will debut on Peacock on November 18.


Season 3 of Hanna will consist of 6 episodes and will premiere on Amazon Prime on November 24.

Here is a trailer:

THE CW’S 4400

Based on the USA Network series The 4400, this reboot still has many elements of the original’s premise, but taken from the perspective of the predominantly black cast. Thousands of people who were abducted from across different points throughout the 21st century are suddenly returned together in the present day with no memory of where they were taken or who took them. What the 4400 do know, however, is that some of them develop different superhuman abilities that drastically change their lives even more.

4400 will debut on The CW on October 25.



The panel featured a conversation with showrunner/writer/executive producer Eliza Clark and several members of the principal cast, including Ben Schnetzer who plays Yorick Brown, the titular last man on Earth after all other humans with a Y chromosome start dropping dead. Even Brian K. Vaughan (co-creator of the comic upon which the series is based) took to the stage in a surprise appearance.

The show went through a lot to get to the small screen: they lost a pair of showrunners, they lost their leading man and then the COVID pandemic hit. They were two weeks from kicking off when the world suddenly went into lockdown.

Clark did share that, “We wanted to photograph people differently, and particularly women, than they have been photographed [before]. Ultimately, what we decided (was) the female gaze was, subjectivity, point-of-view, and detail. You see the roots of hair, you’re seeing skin, sweat, dirt under fingernails. Each scene is shot from somebody’s point-of-view, so that you feel like you’re inside of it.”

You can currently watch Y: The Last Man on FX on Hulu.



The anthology series will be set in the days after the September 11 terrorist attacks when letters led to five deaths and caused panic across the United States.

The cast this time will consist of Daniel Dae Kim [in his first lead role] as FBI Special Agent Matthew Ryker, a character created for the series, and Tony Goldwyn as Dr. Bruce Ivins. Ryker was a microbiologist before he became an FBI agent; Ivins was the lead anthrax researcher for the government.

The Hot Zone: Anthrax will premiere on National Geographic on November 28.


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On October 14, the new 10-episode dramedy Guilty Party will debut online on Paramount+.

A journalist (Kate Beckinsale) with a tarnished reputation focuses on a story about a woman who denies murdering her husband.

The cast includes Geoff Stults, Tiya Sircar and Alanna Ubach.

Here is a trailer for Guilty Party:

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The new Disney+ drama Just Beyond will debut online on October 13.

The horror comedy anthology, which will consist of 8 episodes and will feature different cast members each episode, journeys into supernatural self-discovery through the worlds of witches, aliens, ghosts, and alternate dimensions.

Some of the cast members include Mckenna Grace, Henry Thomas, Sally Pressman, Izabela Vidovic and Malcolm Barrett.

Here is a trailer for Just Beyond:

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On October 13, the new Hulu drama Dopesick will debut online.

The series focuses on “the epicenter of America’s struggle with Opioid addiction” across the U.S.

The cast includes Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Kaitlyn Dever, Rosario Dawson, Will Chase, Phillipa Soo, Jake McDorman and Jamie Ray Newman.

Here is a trailer for Dopesick:

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The new thriller One of Us Is Lying will debut on Peacock online on October 7.

The series, based on the best-selling novel by Karen M. McManus, the story of what happens when five high schoolers walk into detention and only four make it out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone has something to hide.

Here is a trailer for One of Us Is Lying:

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On October 6, the reboot of CSI: Vegas will debut on CBS at 10 PM.

The series will take place as new threats form in Las Vegas that could bring down the whole CSI crime lab. It will be up to Gil Grissom (William Petersen), Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and the new members of the CSI team – Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria, Mel Rodriguez and Mandeep Dhillon – to take their new enemies down.

Here is a trailer for CSI: Vegas:

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On October 1, the new 10-episode Netflix series Maid will debut online.

A single mother (Margaret Qualley) turns to housekeeping to make ends meet as she battles poverty, homelessness and bureaucracy.

The cast includes Qualley’s real-life mom Andie MacDowell, Anika Noni Rose, Billy Burke and Nick Robinson.

Here is a trailer for Maid:

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