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This coming Sunday (September 18), the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast on FOX; and most TV critics, entertainment writers/reporters and bloggers alike are all compiling their lists of who and should win the golden statues.

I, too, am joining the ranks of those attempting to predict what will happen on the big night; and while I am the first to admit that I don’t watch comedies, I have included those categories below simply because, this one time, it is important to honor that genre and the people who work in it. But, the one big difference is that I won’t give any kind of exposition on why I think the winners listed below should or will win. You can surmise the reasons on your own or, better yet, make your own decisions and comment away below.

And, here we go or as they say (in all their political correctness), “and the Emmy goes to”:

Modern Family

Outstanding Comedy Series:

The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
The Office
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock

Who Will Win: Modern Family
Who Should Win: The Big Bang Theory

Boardwalk Empire

Outstanding Drama Series:

Boardwalk Empire
Friday Night Lights
Game Of Thrones
The Good Wife
Mad Men

Who Will Win: Boardwalk Empire
Who Should Win: Friday Night Lights

Alec Baldwin

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:

The Big Bang Theory – Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper
The Big Bang Theory – Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter
Episodes – Matt LeBlanc as Matt LeBlanc
Louie -Louis C.K. as Louie
The Office – Steve Carell as Michael Scott
30 Rock – Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy

Who Will Win: Alec Baldwin
Who Should Win: Jim Parsons

Steve Buscemi

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series:

Boardwalk Empire – Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson
Dexter – Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
Friday Night Lights – Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor
House – Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House
Justified – Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens
Mad Men – Jon Hamm as Don Draper

Who Will Win: Steve Buscemi
Who Should Win: Kyle Chandler

Laura Linney

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series:

The Big C – Laura Linney as Cathy Jamison
Mike & Molly – Melissa McCarthy as Molly Flynn
Nurse Jackie – Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton
Parks and Recreation – Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
Raising Hope – Martha Plimpton as Virginia Chance
30 Rock – Tina Fey as Liz Lemon

Who Will Win: Laura Linney
Who Should Win: Martha Plimpton

Julianna Margulies

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series:

Friday Night Lights – Connie Britton as Tami Taylor
The Good Wife – Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick
Harry’s Law – Kathy Bates as Harriet “Harry” Korn
The Killing – Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Mariska Hargitay as Det. Olivia Benson
Mad Men – Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson

Who Will Win: Julianna Margulies
Who Should Win: Connie Britton

Chris Colfer

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series:

Glee – Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel
Modern Family – Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell
Modern Family – Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett
Modern Family – Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker
Modern Family – Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy
Two And A Half Men – Jon Cryer as Alan Harper

Who Will Win: Chris Colfer
Who Should Win: Ed O’Neill

Peter Dinklage

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series:

Game Of Thrones – Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
The Good Wife – Josh Charles as Will Gardner
The Good Wife – Alan Cumming as Eli Gold
Justified – Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder
Mad Men – John Slattery as Roger Sterling
Men Of A Certain Age – Andre Braugher as Owen

Who Will Win: Peter Dinklage
Who Should Win: Peter Dinklage

Betty White

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series:

Glee – Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester
Hot In Cleveland – Betty White as Elka Ostrosky
Modern Family – Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy
Modern Family – Sofia Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
Saturday Night Live – Kristen Wiig as Various Characters
30 Rock – Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney

Who Will Win: Betty White
Who Should Win: Sofia Vergara

Margo Martindale

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series:

Boardwalk Empire – Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Schroeder
The Good Wife – Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma
The Good Wife – Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart
Justified – Margo Martindale as Mags Bennett
The Killing – Michelle Forbes as Mitch Larsen
Mad Men – Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris

Who Will Win: Margo Martindale
Who Should Win: Margo Martindale

Mildred Pierce

Outstanding Miniseries or Movie:

Cinema Veritae – HBO
Downton Abbey – PBS
The Kennedys – Reelz Channel
Mildred Pierce – HBO
The Pillars of the Earth – Starz
Too Big to Fail – HBO

Who Will Win: Mildred Pierce
Who Should Win: Downton Abbey

Again, what do you think? Who do you think will win in these categories? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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The Emmy Award nominations were announced bright and early here in California this morning and while the FULL list of nominees is excruciatingly long, the following list shows the big categories and some of the nominees just might surprise or hopefully delight you:

Drama Series
• Breaking Bad
• Dexter
• The Good Wife
• Lost
• Mad Men
• True Blood

Comedy Series
• Curb Your Enthusiasm
• Glee
• Modern Family
• Nurse Jackie
• The Office
• 30 Rock

Lead Actor, Drama
• Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
• Michael C. Hall, Dexter
• Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
• Jon Hamm, Mad Men
• Hugh Laurie, House
• Matthew Fox, Lost

Lead Actress, Drama
• Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
• Glenn Close, Damages
• Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
• Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU
• January Jones, Mad Men
• Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Lead Actor, Comedy
• Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
• Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
• Matthew Morrison, Glee
• Tony Shalhoub, Monk
• Steve Carell, The Office
• Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Lead Actress, Comedy
• Toni Collette, United States of Tara
• Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
• Tina Fey, 30 Rock
• Lea Michele, Glee
• Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine
• Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Supporting Actor, Comedy
• Chris Colfer, Glee
• Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family
• Ty Burrell, Modern Family
• Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men
• Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother
• Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Supporting Actress, Comedy
• Julie Bowen, Modern Family
• Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock
• Jane Lynch, Glee
• Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
• Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live
• Holland Taylor, Two and a Half Men

Supporting Actor, Drama
• Michael Emerson, Lost
• Andre Brauer, Men of a Certain Age
• Terry O’Quinn, Lost
• Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
• Martin Short, Damages
• John Slattery, Mad Men

Supporting Actress, Drama
• Sharon Gless, Burn Notice
• Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
• Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
• Rose Byrne, Damages
• Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men
• Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

If you would like to see the complete list of nominees for the Emmy Awards, please visit E! Entertainment Online.

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On July 8, the Emmy Award nominations will be announced and this year’s candidates are sure to be an interesting mix. But, like every year, there are always actors and actresses as well as television series that seem to go overlooked or just completely forgotten about by the members of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences AND the National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences.

These two entities (and their subsequent peer groups) make up the voting panel who decide which shows, actors and actresses (among many other categories) – who have been nominated for Emmy consideration – can move forward to the top echelon of each category.

Just like last year, I am listing below the shows, actors and actresses who would be part of my dream Emmy ballot. The following may not be your choices for the top categories, but they certainly struck a chord with me over the past year:

Best Drama:


Lost (ABC) – Say what you will about the final season of this groundbreaking series that delved into stories great and complex, covering topics of simple human survival after a massive tragedy, the supernatural and unexplained to religion or the lack thereof. This show moved people all over the world, made us wonder and speculate and was fodder for critics and viewers alike. It was a fantastical series that left the viewers with as many questions as it left them with answers.

Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected (The CW) – This was the little show that could on the network that no one in the industry – especially those behind any awards presentation no matter its namesake – takes seriously. The series tells the story of independent Lux, a 16-year-old foster child seeking emancipation only to end up living with two of the most unlikely people: her biological parents. The show should not have worked, but it did. This series is not the white-picket fence version of the foster care system or the joys of connecting with a child given up for adoption. It is a realistic portrayal of rediscovery, angst, deceit, humanity and family.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights (DirecTV and NBC) – What can be said about a show whose main focus is football? Bring it on! Especially when the series is shot as if it were a documentary, allowing the viewer an inside look into the players and their families, seeing beyond the gridiron, the uniforms and the cheerleaders. This show is the epitome of what quality television is all about even if its main focus is sports because the viewer quickly learns that sports is just the taking off point and the ride is so worth it.

Best Comedy:

Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) – What happens when a vapid twentysomething model dies and comes back in the body of a highly intelligent, thirtysomething plus-size attorney? Hilarity, poignancy and charm. Not the answers you were expecting, right? This delightful cable series should not have worked based on its premise, but in its debut season it far surpassed anyone’s expectations, delivering a nuanced story filled with characters who weren’t always perfect but certainly strived to be more than just what their outer shell conveyed.


Glee (FOX) – This musicomedy took the world by storm over the past year and while it hasn’t necessarily won the hearts of everyone and has had its fair share of hits and misses, the series on its own has provided great performances by its multi-talented cast and guest stars, showcased some of the best newcomers to TV in years and has provided an outlet for the overlooked in the form of music, dance and comedy. It also doesn’t hurt that Jane Lynch has become a household name because of her irreverent character, but more on that later.


Chuck (NBC) – Despite floundering in the ratings and receiving an avalanche of criticism from the very people who worked so hard to save the show, this dramedy about a Nerd Herder who is actually a spy still entertained and thrilled the small but devoted flock of viewers who stuck around to see Chuck come into his own. Surrounded by caring family and friends and a government that needed him regardless of his skill level, Chuck grew into a man this past season, becoming a full-fledged spy, beating his nemesis and finally got the girl of his dreams. What more could any guy ask for, right?

Best Actor, Drama:

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant (Justified on FX) – Raylan Givens is a US marshal with a chip on his shoulder except he doesn’t realize that chip is actually a 500-pound gorilla ready to pounce on anyone or anything that gets in his way. He is unflappable and dedicated to his job and is perhaps even the angriest man in the world. His life is not simple or easy and I honestly don’t think he would want it any other way. Timothy Olyphant’s performance as Raylan Givens is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights on DirecTV and NBC) – Eric Taylor is a coach, a husband, a father, a good neighbor and a good man. Regardless of all that has happened in his personal and professional life in Dillon, Texas, Eric can be counted on to be there for the people in his life: family, friends, co-workers, neighbors or his team. He does not shy away from conflict, he loves and supports his family and daughters and is a strong defender of every boy on that football team. In short, he is the epitome of a small town man and no one else could play this character better than Kyle Chandler.

Best Actress, Drama:

Connie Britton

Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights on DirecTV and NBC) – The role of Tami Taylor could have gone much differently if not in the very capable hands of Connie Briton. Tami is a strong woman who believes in home and family and advocating for the students at the high school where she was guidance counselor and now principal. She is a compassionate and loving wife, mother and neighbor in a community that isn’t always as forgiving as they should be regardless of the sin (or presumed sin).

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan (Doctor Who on BBC America) – The role of the Doctor’s companion on Doctor Who is an interesting one, comprised of traveling all over the world, nee the known and unknown galaxies, meeting historical figures and everyday folk and making a difference be it little or big. The latest companion to the Doctor is Amy Pond (as played by Karen Gillan) has done all of these things and more with a special charm and whimsy that has easily made her one of the most endearing companions yet.

Best Actor, Comedy:

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison (Glee on FOX) – Mr. Schuester is a talented man. He can sing, dance and teach. He has a heart of gold and the best of intentions. Quite honestly, his professional life is probably just as manic as his personal life, but in the capable hands of Matthew Morrison, Will, or Mr. Schu as he is called by all of the students involved in New Directions, the glee club he runs at McKinley High, his crazy world is actually somewhere you’d at least like to visit if not stay permanently. He wrangles with his nemesis Sue Sylvester at every turn; his rival, Bryan Ryan, nearly got the best of him and his high school crush April Rhodes has challenged his sanity; but he has handled all that these obstacles have thrown at him and persevered.

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi (Chuck on NBC) – As mentioned in the Best Drama section, Chuck the series has come through a great deal this season and so has the man. Chuck Bartowski has come a long way since his introduction as a rather hapless computer tech at Buy More. This time around Chuck has grown and changed, becoming a full-fledged agent all the while attempting to maintain his secret from family and friends, nearly all of whom now know the truth and finally getting the girl of his dreams in his life for real. Zachary Levi continues to make Chuck lovable, capable and thrilling to watch.

Best Actress, Comedy:

Erin Karpluk

Erin Karpluk (Being Erica on SOAPNet) – While the series Being Erica is more popular in its home of Canada and isn’t that well known here in the States, Erin Karpluk has brought an effervescence to the character of Erica Strange that makes her compelling, intriguing and simply a delight to watch. Whether she is traversing a past experience in her life, via the as-yet-explained transportation provided by her “shrink” Dr. Tom or navigating the complicated present life she has with her friends and co-workers, Erica has an unusual life (to say the least) and it’s been a joy to follow her through all of it.

Brooke Elliott

Brooke Elliott (Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime) – Jane Bingum was a damn good attorney while Deb Dobkins was a damn good wanna-be model – not your typical combination of leading ladies, but when Deb died and came back in the body of Jane the best of both of them was combined into the new and improved Jane Bingum. The new Jane is still a damn good attorney but now she has an undeniable charm and fashion sense that remarkably makes her an even better attorney and person. This role could easily have been one-dimensional and boring, even grating, but in the deft and capable hands of Brooke Elliott, Jane/Deb is simply wonderful and a delight to watch.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama:

Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins (Justified on FX) – Boyd Crowder is has been described as a criminal of the worst sort, a would-be Neo-Nazi with a penchant for blowing up buildings with a rocket launcher, a repentant no-good murderer who preaches his own brand of religion. He is a man of many unadvisable talents and any a less than admirable set of skills. But, he is probably one of the most intriguing, warped minds to grace our television screens in years. Played with steely brawn by Walton Goggins this character that can easily be despised for all his wrong-doings is one of the most watchable.

Zach Gilford

Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights on DirecTV and NBC) – Matt Saracen was a former football hero who stayed in Dillon, Texas for the sake of his girlfriend, his mother and his dementia-addled grandmother. He was seemingly trapped there until the unexpectedly death of his solder father and the desire to do something outside of his hometown drove him away from the very people who meant the most to him. In the episode about Matt’s dad’s funeral, Zach Gilford made the viewers truly believe the circumstances of that entire episode and showed just how much emotion had been welling up inside that young man.

Best Supporting Actress, Drama:

Katerina Graham

Katerina Graham (The Vampire Diaries on The CW) – Bonnie Bennett was introduced simply as the best friend of Elena Gilbert in the CW series The Vampire Diaries, but the viewers were quickly made aware that Bonnie was not just the best friend to call on in a crisis. She could actually fix many of the problems because Bonnie is a witch. An honest to God, real, magical being with powers far greater than anyone in the town of Mystic Falls is probably ready to believe one person can manifest. Katerina Graham took a one-dimensional character and breathed life and mysticism into her and has made her a force with which to be reckoned.

Joelle Carter

Joelle Carter (Justified on FX) – Ava Crowder is a woman of strength and fortitude. She dealt with the harsh reality of an abusive husband until she just couldn’t take it anymore and shot him while he ate his favorite dinner. She withstood harm from his criminal family and attempted to continue on with her life undaunted by their threats. And, she even enticed Raylan Givens to keep her company and find solace in a most unusual relationship. This character could easily have been hated by the viewers because of her actions, but Joelle Carter made her endearing and remarkably likeable.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy:

Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer (Glee on FOX) – Kurt Hummel is the essence of style, he is a talented stage performer but he is also tormented and ridiculed by nearly everyone and in love with someone who will never love him. He is not only a typical high school student but also one of the most adorable characters to grace TV screens in years. Chris Colfer embodies this New Directions singer in a seamless fashion that few other more accomplished actors would not have been able to replicate. He is Kurt Hummel, hear him roar.

Neil Grayston

Neil Grayston (Eureka on Syfy) – Dr. Douglas Fargo is a junior scientist at Global Dynamics in the mysterious Pacific Northwest town of Eureka where nearly every inhabitant is a genius or a highly skilled scientist. But unlike his peers, Fargo is accident prone and tends to bring about more problems than he solves. Played deftly by Neil Grayston, Fargo is the epitome of comedy relief without any intentions of being just so.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy:

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch (Glee on FOX) – Sue Sylvester is the coach of the “Cheerios” (the nationally ranked cheerleader squad) at McKinley High School and the nemesis of Spanish teacher sans Glee Club leader William Schuester. She is abrasive, rude, derogatory, self-centered and most times completely oblivious of just how reviled she is by all of those around her. Yet in rare moments, especially when she is visiting her special needs sister or actually standing up for the members of New Directions (the school’s Glee Club) – without their knowledge, of course – the softer side of Sue Sylvester is glimpsed. Jane Lynch captures this character’s dual identity with precision and finesse.

April Bowlby

April Bowlby (Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime) – Stacy Barrett is the best friend of wanna-be model Deb Dobkins whose soul is now inside the body of plus-size attorney Jane Bingum in the popular Lifetime series. Stacy, who is a struggling model herself, is there for Deb sans Jane, becoming her roommate, faithful confidante and helping Jane adjust to her new life. Stacy may appear to be an airhead, but she has actually been helpful to Jane in and out of the courtroom. April Bowlby has made Stacy one of the most likable best friends on television.

Special Mentions:

My Dream Emmy Ballot would not be complete without a few special mentions including:


Castle – This ABC series about a tough lady cop and a mystery writer (Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic) is one of the best shows on TV, combining romance, intrigue, comedy and crime drama all into one with one of the best cast on TV today. It likely will never win an Emmy, but it sure deserves a spotlight nonetheless.

White Collar

White Collar – What can be said about the best buddy drama on television? This terrific USA Network series weaves a seamless story between white collar criminal Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke (Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay) that draws the audience in effortlessly. My TV viewing would not be complete without this series.

Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale – While this ABC medical drama has been floundering with less than stellar episodes for several season now (at least in my eyes), the two-hour season finale in May not only redeemed the show for me but it was also heart-wrenching and packed an emotional wallop on everyone. Now if only the whole series could be this good again.

Tony Curran

Actor Tony Curran – He appeared as artist Vincent Van Gogh in a recent episode of Doctor Who and his performance in that episode moved me to tears especially when the Doctor and Amy Pond transported him from his time to present date for a tour of an art exhibit dedicated entirely to him. Without having to say a word during that one scene, Tony Curran’s performance, as this tortured soul, was mesmerizing and compelling.

Heather Morris

Actress Heather Morris – Playing witless cheerio Brittany on the FOX musicomedy Glee, Heather Morris has made this clueless cheerleader, who is apt to make some of the most absurd, non-sensical statements, into a character you actually root for and care about. Yes, she is a brainless twit and an outright slut (to be truthful) but she seems perfectly happy with her life because she is so oblivious.

Who would you like to see win an Emmy this year. Choose a category from the above or pick any of the random categories that are part of each Emmy presentation. Let me know who your favorites were for this past TV season.

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