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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

5 PM:
The Bourne Identity movie on TNT

6 PM:
Red Dawn (classic) movie on Encore

7 PM:
Despicable Me (animated) movie on ABC Family
The Lost Valentine movie on Hallmark

8 PM:
Banshee on More Max (Reair)
The Bourne Supremacy movie on Encore
Slumdog Millionaire movie on Sundance

9 PM:
Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime (NEW)
Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis movie on PBS (NEW)
Under the Dome on CBS (Reair)
Banner 4th of July movie on Hallmark (Reair)
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (animated) movie on ABC Family
The Dark Knight Rises movie on HBO2

10 PM:
Crossing Lines on NBC (NEW)
Copper on BBC America (NEW)
Devious Maids on Lifetime (NEW)
Falling Skies on TNT (NEW)
Castle on ABC (Reair)
Big movie on Sundance

10:30 PM:
Call the Midwife on PBS (Reair)


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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

7 PM:
Up (animated) movie on ABC Family
Your Love Never Fails movie on Hallmark
I, Robot movie on More Max

7:30 PM:
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited on BBC America (SPECIAL)

8 PM:
Zero Hour on ABC (Burn-Off Episode)
Crossing Lines on NBC (2-Hour Reair of DEBUT)
Sinbad on Syfy (Reair)
NCIS on USA Network
Ice Castle (remake) movie on Lifetime Movie Network
A Walk in the Clouds movie on TV Guide Network

9 PM:
Sinbad on Syfy (NEW)
Banner 4th of July movie on Hallmark (DEBUT)
Banshee on Cinemax (Reair)
Psych on ION
NCIS on USA Network
Despicable Me (animated) movie on ABC Family
The Mummy Returns movie on AMC

9:45 PM:
Big Miracle movie on HBO Family

9:50 PM:
Driving Miss Daisy movie on Encore

10 PM:
Primeval: New World on Syfy (NEW)
Devious Maids on Lifetime (Reair)
Psych on ION
NCIS on USA Network
Doctor Who Companions Special on BBC America (Reair)
The Fast and the Furious movie on TNT
The Princess Bride movie on TV Guide Network


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Hey All,

Here are the news items for today:


Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy (Covert Affairs and Beauty And the Beast) will also guest on an upcoming episode of Unforgettable, playing Philip, a hardened career criminal who serves as the leader of an elite team of thieves assembled by a mysterious player named “Kilborn.” Unforgettable returns to CBS on July 28. (Matt Mitovich at TV Line)

Actress Rebecca Mader will appear in Warehouse 13 for its fifth and final season, but details on what character she will play are being kept under wraps. The penultimate episode of the current season of Warehouse 13 will air on Syfy on July 1. (Matt Mitovich at TV Line)

Actor Pedro Pascal (The Good Wife and Graceland) will join the cast of Game of Thrones for its fourth season, playing Prince Oberyn Martell, who is the brash, charming, cunning prince of Dorne (part of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros). (James Hibberd at Entertainment Weekly)


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (White House Down) will appear in the 8-part Sundance Channel mini-series The Honourable Woman, playing Nessa Stein, who inherits her assassinated Zionist father’s arms smuggling business; but instead of continuing in that vein, she uses its resources to lay down data cable networks between Israel and the West Bank. Later, she finds herself appointed to the House of Lords, the upper house of UK’s Parliament, where her history of trying to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians creates a storm of international political controversy. The mini-series is expected to air sometime next year. (Jethro Nededog at The Wrap)


The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, which won’t air online until July 11 has already been picked up for a second season. (The Futon Critic)


Hot Trailer: ‘Escape Plan’

Q&A SECTION (with Matt Mitovich at TV Line)

Question: Some scoop on what’s to come on Revenge would be nice! I’m burning to find out what’s going to happen next, after that finale. –iMember

Mitovich: You might not find out what happens immediately next, since I’m hearing that a five-month time jump will have taken place when Season 3 opens, affording Jack opportunity to process Emily’s bombshell and for Victoria to reconnect some with her long-lost, yet-to-be-cast son Patrick.

Question: Please, please, please — any Teen Wolf scoop? I’ll be your best friend forever. Or at least make you some chocolate chip cookies. – S.

Mitovich: You may want to hold off on getting your sticks of butter to room temperature, since I’m about to drop this on you: The July 15 episode, titled “Currents,” will see the death of a major character.

Question: I have been hooked already by Under the Dome. Can you shed any light on why Barbie killed Julia’s husband? –Cinders

Mitovich: I cannot, but Mike Vogel, who plays the mysterious drifter, can. Sort of. “Tune in to this week’s episode, because it will answer a lot of things. But it’ll also, because of those things, keep Barbie tap dancing even more,” he tells TV Line. “But you’re definitely going to get some answers as to the whole Barbie/Julia’s husband thing.”

Question: Is there any chance Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi might both become regulars on Person of Interest? I just loved the dynamic of that foursome in the season finale, and really like both actresses in their respective roles. Please say it is so! –Caro

Mitovich: Just days after you sent question, Shahi was announced as a series regular for Season 3. As for Acker, we caught up with her Wednesday night at the Saturn Awards, and while she has yet to hear from the show let alone see a new script, she likes Root’s chances for a return. “I was really happy that I got the phone call [from The Machine] at the end,” she said, “so I feel like they have to at least bring me back.” Speaking of the startling phone call, Acker reckons it confirms that “The Machine and Root have a very special connection — at least in her mind. So it’s either perpetuating her fantasies by calling her or [something else]!” As for mixing it up with Shahi’s Shaw some more, Acker effused, “She’s so great, I would love to torture her again any day.”

Question: Any news on what’s ahead for Castle’s Esplanie? –Alyssa

Mitovich: Remember how series boss Andrew W. Marlowe told me he wants to deliver “some hallmarks” for the Espo/Lanie romance in Season 6? You can imagine how delighted Tamala Jones was when we relayed the scoop. “Amen to that!” she responded with a laugh. Offering up some “hallmark” ideas, she went on to say, “I would like to see them have a steamy romance that’s hidden once again from everyone, and somehow they get busted kissing in a closet at work or something. But we’ve teased fans enough. Andrew’s very genius when it comes to ‘putting a little leg out’ and taking it back in, but we’re ready for the leg to come back out now.” Then again, maybe a third party could get involved, seeing as how Javy was eyeballing the cute computer tech gal at season’s end. “He was all up on her, wasn’t he?” Jones remarks. “As a fan, I didn’t like that. And I know Lanie wouldn’t like that either!”

Question: Have you heard anything yet about the Continuum finale? –Rory

Mitovich: Asked to tease the Season 2 finale, which airs Stateside in late August, Lexa Doig, who plays Liber8’s Sonya, shared, “We all got very good at miming. And that’s all I’m going to say.” In the more immediate future, Doig previewed the arrival of The Freelancers (a group that will “raise a lot more questions” and provide “an extra ingredient into the soup that messes everything up”) and teased, without naming names, “a guest performance that is absolutely out-of-this-world amazing.”

Question: NCIS starts shooting in a few weeks. Any info on whether Cote de Pablo will be with us for Season 11? I’m really starting to stress out about this. –Emily

Mitovich: You and me both. I gotta be honest, I’ve been working the phones and the cone of silence surrounding this situation is growing… conspicuous. After all, it’s not like Ziva was left dangling from the ledge of a skyscraper and it’d be a massive spoiler to say De Pablo was on board to return. Then again, show boss Gary Glasberg did say (way back in April), “I’m confident that things will work out” with her deal. We shall see!

Question: I’ve heard the next episode of Switched at Birth is not to be missed — and that gets me worried. Anything to spoil? –Diane

Mitovich: “There’s some crazy twist ending in the next episode,” Katie LeClerc told us at the Saturn Awards. “One that turns the family on its head.”

Question: Any Drop Dead Diva scoop? –Lori

Mitovich: Just this casting item: Dallas Cowboys cheerleader-turned-actress Abigail Klein (CSI, 90210) will guest star in Episode 7 as a beauty pageant contestant who sues the pageant’s owner.

Question: Can we please get more Louis backstory this season on Suits? –Brandon

Mitovich: “As I see it, Louis is such an open book that any story involving him involves some element of backstory,” answers series creator Aaron Korsh. “However, as far as specific Louis information, there are facts about his life peppered into the season.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on the upcoming Suits season (premiering July 16)? So excited that it’s starting up again! –Melissa

Mitovich: What if I told you that a character you didn’t know was gay, is?

That’s it. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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Here is the next list of modern-day writers who, in their own way, have paid homage to Jane Austen’s legendary stories. Each of the authors listed below have written two books inspired or added another book to their list of books inspired by the classic characters created by the one and only Jane Austen.

The Darcy Code by Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Aston
The Darcy Code
Publication Date: October 16, 2012

England, 1803. The war against Napoleon is afoot, Mr. Darcy is head of British intelligence, and his young and brilliant agents are fighting their own, clandestine war against the threat of invasion and enemy infiltration. Danger is everywhere, even in the ballrooms of glittering London. Longing for love, Lord Gosforth’s daughter, Anna, learns there’s more to life than frivolity and flirting as she dances her way through the London season. Caught up in intrigue and adventure with Mr. Darcy’s brilliant young intelligence officers, she must thwart the dastardly plans of one of Napoleon’s most dangerous agents and find true love.

Mr. Darcy’s Christmas by Elizabeth Aston

Elizabeth Aston
Mr. Darcy’s Christmas
Publication Date: November 12, 2012

A joyful Christmas at Pemberley with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth – until Caroline Bingley threatens Georgiana Darcy’s future happiness. Set in the wonderful world of Jane Austen, this sparkling and witty romantic comedy takes us to Pemberley for an enchanted Christmas, where Mr. Darcy and his family enjoy the delights of the season, culminating in a ball to celebrate his sister’s engagement. But a serpent lurks amid the greenery and Yule candles, as spiteful Caroline Bingley sets out to ruin her dear friend, Georgiana. Haunted by her near-elopement with Mr. Wickham, Georgiana, Mr. Darcy’s sister, plays safe when she accepts Francis Horsley’s proposal of marriage. As the Darcy family gather at Pemberley to celebrate Christmas, Caroline Bingley, in a fit of envy, spreads dark rumors about her friend. With the help of aloof and amused Sir Giles Hawkins, Georgiana finally finds her true Darcy spirit and fights to regain her reputation – and in doing so, finds true love.

The Perfect Hero by Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly
The Perfect Hero
Publication Date: April 1, 2011

The follow-up to A Weekend with Mr. Darcy finds die-hard romantic Kay Ashton using her inheritance to open a B&B in the seaside town of Lyme Regis, who is dumbstruck when the cast and crew of a new production of Persuasion descend, needing a place to stay. Kay can’t believe her luck – especially when she realizes that heart throb actor Oli Wade Owen will be sleeping under her very own roof. Meanwhile, co-star Gemma Reilly is worried that her acting isn’t up to scratch, despite landing a plum role. She finds a sympathetic ear in shy producer, Adam Craig, who is as baffled by the film world as she is. Kay thinks the two are meant for each other and can’t resist a spot of matchmaking. Then, when Oli turns his trademark charm on Kay, it seems that she has found her real-life hero.

Christmas with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly
Christmas with Mr. Darcy (An Austen Addicts Story)
Publication Date: September 29, 2012

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of Jane Austen. Christmas is being celebrated in style at Purley Hall in Hampshire because renowned actress, Dame Pamela Harcourt, is holding a special Jane Austen Conference. Everybody’s there: Katherine and Warwick, Robyn and Dan, Kay, Adam and Gemma, and Sarah and Mia. Oh, and Mrs. Soames. But, when a rare first edition of Pride and Prejudice goes missing, the guests have to forget the fun and games and turn detective.

Georgiana Darcy’s Diary: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Continued (Volume 1) by Anna Elliott

Anna Elliott
Georgiana Darcy’s Diary: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Continued (Volume 1)
Publication Date: May 17, 2012

The year is 1814, and it is springtime at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have married, but now a new romance is in the air, along with high fashion, elegant manners, scandal, deception, and the wonderful hope of a true and lasting love. Shy Georgiana Darcy has been content to remain unmarried, living with her brother and his new bride. But Elizabeth and Darcy’s fairy-tale love reminds Georgiana daily that she has found no true love of her own. And perhaps never will, for she is convinced the one man she secretly cares for will never love her in return. Georgiana’s domineering aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, has determined that Georgiana shall marry, and has a list of eligible bachelors in mind. But which of the suitors are sincere, and which are merely interested in Georgiana’s fortune? Georgiana must learn to trust her heart–and rely on her courage–for she also faces the return of the man who could ruin her reputation and spoil a happy ending, just when it finally lies within her grasp.

Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, Volume 2 by Anna Elliott

Anna Elliott
Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy’s Diary, Volume 2
Publication Date: May 18, 2012

Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together. But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into renewed war with France and Edward is once more called away to fight. To be with the man she loves, Georgiana makes the perilous journey to Brussels, in time to witness the historic downfall of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. But when Edward is gravely injured in the battle, she will need more courage than she ever knew she had to fight for their future together. Pemberley to

Darcy’s Decision: Given Good Principles Volume 1 by Maria Grace

Maria Grace
Darcy’s Decision: Given Good Principles Volume 1
Publication Date: December 29, 2011

Six months after his father’s passing, Fitzwilliam Darcy still finds solace in his morning reflections at his parents’ graves. Only in the quiet solitude of the churchyard does he indulge his grief. None but his unlikely mentor recognize the heartache and insecurity plaguing him as he shoulders the enormous burden of being Master of Pemberley. Not all are pleased with his choice of adviser. Lady Catherine complains Darcy allows him too much influence. The compassionate wisdom Darcy finds in his counselor keeps him returning for guidance even though it causes him to doubt everything he has been taught. In the midst of his struggles to reinvent himself, his school chum, Charles Bingley, arrives. Darcy hopes the visit will offer some respite from the uproar in his life. Instead of relief, Darcy discovers his father’s darkest secret staring him in the face. Pushed to his limits, Darcy must overcome the issues that ruined his father and, with his friends and mentor at his side, restore his tarnished birthright.

The Future Mrs. Darcy: Given Good Principles Volume 2 by Maria Grace

Maria Grace
The Future Mrs. Darcy: Given Good Principles Volume 2
Publication Date: July 25, 2012

With the regiment come to camp in Meryton, many young ladies are pleased. Not all share their enthusiasm, though. Among them, Mr. Carver, who removes his family from Meryton’s savage society, blaming not the militia officers but the Bennet family. The flirtations and boisterous ways of the youngest sisters are too much to be borne. Not even Jane’s renowned beauty and charm can make up for them. Elizabeth denies the allegations at first, but rapidly uncovers the shocking truth. The Carvers are not the only family to cut the Bennets from their acquaintance. Their reputations materially damaged, the family borders on social ruin. The news is too much for Mrs. Bennet who collapses from the shock. So, Elizabeth and her sisters must manage the estate until she recovers, a task for which none of them is prepared. Warned by Mr. Pierce, the local curate, that several of the officers have unsavory designs on the local girls, Elizabeth must find a way to honor her father, rein in her sister and salvage the family’s reputation, all in the most ladylike way possible.

An Unlikely Duet by Lelia M. Silver

Leila M. Silver
An Unlikely Duet
Publication Date: August 24, 2012

Return to Pemberley five years after Pride and Prejudice with Georgiana Darcy almost resigning herself to living out her days as a loving aunt to her brother’s children when a fortuitous house party introduces her to Thaddeus Crosby. He is handsome, kind, and intelligent; in short, everything she could desire in a husband. Their romance is just beginning to bud when they are forced to separate- he to London; she to Pemberley. Can their unproven love last through the cold winter months apart and bloom anew when they meet again in London? Or will Georgiana’s crippling shyness amongst company and a malicious debutante out to win Thaddeus for herself separate them forever?

An Unexpected Lady by Lelia M. Silver

Leila M. Silver
An Unexpected Lady
Publication Date: December 8, 2012

Return to Pride and Prejudice a year and a half later where Kitty Bennet is in Kent, attending to Charlotte Collins during her confinement when she is thrust into company with the arrogant Marques of Rockingham, Nathaniel Watson. He insults her upon their introduction, and she is determined to avoid him. But circumstances conspire against them, and when Mr. Collins stumbles upon them in what appears to be an intimate embrace, they are forced into a marriage of convenience. Can their uneasy friendship turn into something more?

Dreams & Expectations by Wendi Sotis

Wendi Sotis
Dreams and Expectations
Publication Date: June 17, 2012

This novel takes Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy on a much different journey than in Pride and Prejudice. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet quickly recognize their feelings for each other and form a friendship, but misunderstandings and a bit of mystery and adventure hinder their path to happiness.

All Hallow’s Eve by Wendi Sotis

Wendi Sotis
All Hallow’s Eve
Publication Date: October 18, 2012

Since ancient times, every Halloween, the ritual of Sanun is performed, freeing the dead to interact with the living for one night. One Evil Soul discovers a way to hide from the Return, remaining on Earth to meddle with the fates of the living. As the centuries pass, it begins to search for the High Priestess, intending to force her to do its bidding, no matter the cost. Appearances can be deceiving, even in Regency England. To most, Elizabeth Bennet is simply the second daughter of an insignificant country squire, but in truth, she is High Priestess and leader of an ancient cult secretly co-existing alongside British society. Confusion reigns when she learns that the man she despises, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is her Soul Mate, assigned to protect her from Evil. Can they work together to preserve the future?

Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam (Volume 1) by Karen Wasylowski

Karen Wasylowski
Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam (Volume 1)
Publication Date: September 26, 2012

This sequel to Wasylowski’s novel Darcy and Fitzwilliam follows Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam, as loving husbands and doting fathers; a little bit older and a bit wiser, making the sacrifices, the difficult (and frequently unpopular) decisions that men must make for the good of their families and we see their large brood of offspring – the ‘Fitzwilliam Mob’ – grow from childhood to adolescence then on into adulthood. Along the way, Darcy and Fitzwilliam are viewed by their children first as heroes, then as the enemy, but eventually as mortal human beings and the children’s adored champions once again.

Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Book Two (Volume 2) by Karen Wasylowski

Karen Wasylowski
Sons and Daughters: Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Book Two (Volume 2)
Publication Date: October 7, 2012

The Family Saga of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, their wives, their children and their boisterous families continues as Darcy and Fitzwilliam travel fatherhood on different roads.

Mr. Collins’s Last Supper: A Short Story Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Shannon Winslow

Shannon Winslow
Mr. Collins’s Last Supper: A Short Story Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Publication Date: January 1, 2012

William Collins is a man upon whom the face of undeserved fortune has smiled. Despite his notable shortcomings of mind and character, he has secured for himself a comfortable living as the rector of Hunsford parish, and a humane and sensible wife. He also looks forward to the day when he shall inherit a tidy estate in Hertfordshire. Until then, he basks in the rarified light of Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s patronage, a place where he can sample, albeit vicariously, the wealth and consequence he secretly yearns for. Perhaps Mr. Collins should be satisfied, yet he cannot help hungering for a slightly higher style of living than his pocket currently supports. After all, a simple country parson cannot afford to put a fine cut of meat on his table every day, but his esteemed patroness can. When, over the strenuous objections of his wife Charlotte, Mr. Collins induces Lady Catherine to send a joint of mutton to the parsonage, little does he suspect that tasty meal will be his last.

For Myself Alone: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel by Shannon Winslow

Shannon Winslow
For Myself Alone: A Jane Austen Inspired Novel
Publication Date: March 29, 2012

Set in nineteenth century Hampshire and Bath, this book is the tale of Josephine Walker, a bright, young woman whose quiet life is turned upside-down by an unexpected inheritance. With a tempting fortune of twenty thousand pounds, she is suddenly the most popular girl in town. Yet Jo longs to be valued for who she is, not for her bank balance. She cannot respect the men who pursue her for her money, and the only one she does admire is considered the rightful property of her best friend. Now, even the motives of her new fiancée are suspect. Does he truly love her for herself alone? There’s one sure, but extreme, way to find out: if Jo has the courage to take it.

More lists coming soon…

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TV Ratings

With basketball out of the way, programming got back to normal on the major networks with plenty of repeats and the return of a couple summer shows.

Here is how those few Thursday night summer dramas fared in the overall ratings last night:

9 PM Show:
Motive (ABC) [NEW] – 5 million

10 PM Show:
Rookie Blue (ABC) [NEW] – 5.1 million

What did you watch last night? Please share.

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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

7 PM:
The Scorpion King movie on Bravo

7:15 PM:
The Dark Knight Rises movie on HBO

8 PM:
Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz (Reair)
Space Warriors movie on Hallmark (Reair)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie on BBC America
Mrs. Doubtfire movie on CMT
The Rock movie on Encore
X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie on FX
Red movie on TNT
Rain Man movie on TV Guide Network

9 PM:
The Following on FOX (Reair)
Banshee on More Max (Reair)
Valentine’s Day movie on TBS

10 PM:
Continuum on Syfy (NEW)
Banshee on Cinemax (Reair)

10:15 PM:
King & Maxwell on TNT (Reair)


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Hey All,

Here are the news items for today:


Actress Annie Potts (Designing Women) and actor Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) will pay a visit to the new ABC Family drama The Fosters. Potts will appear as Sharon, Stef’s (series lead Teri Polo) colorful and talkative mother who comes into town for a visit with the family while Collins comes to town as Stewart, Lena’s (series lead Sherri Saum) her old-school father who has a unique knack for diplomatically dealing with their big brood. The next new episode of The Fosters will air on ABC Family on July 1 at 9 PM. (ET Online)

Actor Eric Winter (The Mentalist and Moonlight) has joined the cast of the upcoming Lifetime drama Witches of East End, playing Dash, the JFK Jr.-esque fiancé of Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s reluctant witch. Winter is taking over the role from actor Patrick Heusinger (Royal Pains). The series will center on Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) and her two adult daughters Freya (Dewan-Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston), both of whom unknowingly are their family’s next generation of witches. An official airdate for this new Lifetime drama has yet to be scheduled. (Michael Ausiello at TV Line)


FX is adding another limited series to its development slate. The cable network is developing Mohicans, an adaptation of the James Fenimore Cooper classic novel “The Last of the Mohicans”. (Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter)

Actor Chris Zylka (The Secret Circle and The Amazing Spider-Man) has joined the cast of the HBO drama pilot called The Leftovers. The project is based on the novel by Tom Perrotta that
takes place as the Rapture happens — but not quite like it’s supposed to, telling the story of the people who didn’t make the cut and a world that will never be the same. Justin Theroux will play Kevin Garvey, the police chief and father of two who’s trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy in a world that is starting to completely reject the notion. Amy Brenneman will play Laurie Garvey, a woman who has left her entire life behind to join a mysterious cult and cuts off ties with her husband and children. Zylka will play Tom, Laurie and Tom’s estranged son who has recently dropped out of college and taken refuge with a mysterious guru. (Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter)

Actor Scott Speedman (Last Resort) has joined the cast of the HBO drama pilot from Ryan Murphy called Open that explores human sexuality and relationships. Speedman will play Jonathan, a handsome sports marketing executive. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Actress Cameron Diaz will take over for Sandra Bullock in the new film adaptation of Annie in the role of Miss Hannigan. Young actress Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts Of The Southern Wild) will play the lead role with Jamie Foxx as Daddy Warbucks. (Nikki Finke at Deadline)

Actor Joe Anderson (Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2) has joined the upcoming box office film Hercules, playing a marathon runner who serves as a scout for Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) and his mercenaries, reporting on their enemies’ movements. The cast of the film also Ian McShane, John Hurt, Rufus Sewell and Joseph Fiennes. (Empire and Dark Horizons)

That’s it. Enjoy!

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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

6:30 PM:
Iron Man 2 movie on FX

7:20 PM:
Moonrise Kingdom movie on HBO2

8 PM:
The Vampire Diaries on The CW (Reair)
White Collar on My Network TV
NCIS on USA Network
The Lake House movie on E!

9 PM:
Motive on ABC (RETURN)
Burn Notice on USA Network (NEW)
Beauty And the Beast on The CW (Reair)
White Collar on My Network TV
Rectify mini on Sundance (Reair)
Pitch Perfect movie on HBO2
Ray movie on More Max

9:01 PM:
Person of Interest on CBS (Reair)

10 PM:
The Crow movie on Showtime 2
Beastly movie on TMC

10:01 PM:
Graceland on USA Network (NEW)
Elementary on CBS (Reair)
Hannibal on NBC (Reair)


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Hey All,

Here are the news items for today:


Actor Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink) will guest star in an upcoming episode of Unforgettable, playing Ari Sonnenland, a wealthy real estate developer whose 11-year-old daughter has been kidnapped. The wealthy businessman has the money to pay the ransom but is reluctant to accept help from the NPPD, turning to Carrie (series lead Poppy Montgomery) and Al (series lead Dylan Walsh) to help solve the case. Unforgettable returns to CBS on July 28. (Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter)

Lauren Iungerich, who created and executive produced the MTV comedy Awkward is leaving the series, putting a big question mark on what will happen with the fourth season. Awkward is slated to return for the second half of its third season on MTV in October. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

The USA Network has given Psych an additional order of two more episodes for its upcoming 8th season, including one that will be determined by the fans. You can vote on which of three potential episode you’d like to see by going here (http://www.usanetwork.com/content/psych-episode-vote) to vote. But keep in mind voting will close on July 12. The winning story line will be announced at Comic-Con. (Natalie Abrams at TV Guide)

Actor Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spider-Man) has been cast in the recurring role of Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, Mycroft Holmes in the CBS drama Elementary. (TV By the Numbers)


Actress Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) has joined the cast of the HBO drama pilot called The Leftovers that is based on the Tom Perrotta book about what takes place after the Rapture happens. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Netflix has made an exclusive distribution pack for a spin-off series of the Australian teen drama H20: Just Add Water. The spin-off will be called Mermaids and will center on teenage Zac, who is camping on Mako Island and is secretly watched by three young mermaids tasked with guarding the isle. After an encounter with magical water, he becomes a fish-tailed merman, causing problems for the mermaids. All 26 half-hour episodes will premiere in the US and the streaming service’s other territories on July 26. (The Deadline Team)

NOTE: Actresses Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt of The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming The Originals were both stars of the original series H20: Just Add Water.


Actress Sophie McShera, who plays Daisy on Downton Abbey, has joined the cast of the upcoming box office film adaptation of Cinderella that will star fellow Downton Abbey alum Lily James in the lead role. (Dominic Patten at Deadline)

Q&A SECTION (with Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams at TV Guide and Michael Ausiello at TV Line)

Question: Is it fall yet? I need to know what happens between Rayna and Deacon on Nashville! — Michelle

ADAM: They’ll make it out of their finale car accident with only bumps and bruises, but the emotional injuries will be far more serious. “They are never going to have [a] smooth-sailing relationship,” creator Callie Khouri tells us, pointing to Deacon’s discovery that he’s Maddie’s father. “[Season 2] is not going to look like Father Knows Best. I don’t think Deacon ever thought of himself as father material. We’ll see him grapple with… whether or not he’s right.” Worse, given Deacon’s dangerous bender, Rayna will feel even more justified in her decision to lie. “She was kind of right not to tell him,” Khouri says. “He couldn’t handle it.”

Question: I still don’t get why Callen & Co. trusted The Chameleon in the NCIS: LA finale. Didn’t they know he might betray them? — Justin

ADAM: Executive producer Shane Brennan acknowledges that sending The Chameleon to negotiate with Sidorov about the nuclear weapons was a calculated risk. “Give him an inch, and he will take everything that you possess — they were aware of that,” he says. “But there was only one person who could pull this off. It was something they had to do.” Either way, Callen won’t take the betrayal lightly. “Callen knows that there will be a final confrontation, and only one of them will walk away,” Brennan teases. Gee, I wonder who?

Question: Will Tom and Pope make it back to Charleston alive on Falling Skies? — Daryl

NATALIE: It won’t be an easy trek following the plane crash. On Sunday’s episode, they’ll take turns saving each other before they take turns trying to kill each other! Ultimately, Pope will make a surprising decision that could put them both in danger.

Question: I really like USA’s Graceland so far. Got any scoop? — Jill

ADAM: If you think going under cover has come a bit too easy for Mike, wait until you see Thursday’s episode, when he has to deal with the Nigerian drug dealer who he and Briggs have been trying to bust. Mike will have to mix it up with Bello and his thugs… all by himself. That becomes particularly tricky when Bello’s right-hand man Eddie fingers Mike as a Fed.

Question: Obsessed with Devious Maids. Will Marisol get closer to freeing her son? — Alyssa

NATALIE: Marisol will come thisclose to scoring a job with the Powells on her day off, but Taylor refuses to give her up. Of course, Adrian will use his powers of persuasion — aka blackmail — to secure Marisol. But will she be able to find Flora’s last letter at the house?

Question: Are we ever going to learn more about Nolan’s backstory on Defiance? —Jamarcus

ADAM: You bet! On Monday’s penultimate episode, Nolan’s penchant to shoot first and ask questions later will come back to bite him. After one such shootout, Datak will call attention to Nolan’s actions against the Votans during the war. “We learn that he may have been a part of some pretty nasty guerrilla warfare,” Grant Bowler says. “The whole town is basically afraid of him after.” Well, everyone except Amanda, who stands by him — an action that Datak will use in his quest to take her mayoral seat.

Question: What can you say about the Switched at Birth “What if?” episode? —Lana

NATALIE: Well, almost everything would be different had the switch been discovered when Regina first found out — and not for the better. There would’ve been cheating, lying, and even death. The one thing to remain the same? One of the girls would’ve ended up with the same guy in her life.

Question: Loving Under the Dome! Got any scoop on Natalie Zea’s character? — Jones

NATALIE: Fans of the Stephen King novel will be just as in the dark as viewers since it’s a brand-new character, but I can reveal that she’ll have a connection to Big Jim and the mystery behind the propane. But in a surprising twist, she’ll also know another main character who’s trapped under the dome — and likely in the Biblical sense. Suffice it to say, she’s downright dastardly.

Question: Any Downton Abbey scoop? —Billy

Ausiello: The Season 4 finale/Christmas special will be “very different” from the tragic Season 3 climax that felled poor Matthew, per exec producer Gareth Neame. “The [Season 1 finale] was really different from the second, and the second one was very different [from the third],” he adds. “What we have planned for this year is a very different scenario.”

Question: Do you have any Drop Dead Diva scoop on my favorite lawyer non-couple Jane/Deb and Grayson? —Tiffany

Ausiello: Series creator Josh Berman says the truth about Jane/Deb is fast becoming a moot point for the still-in-the-dark Grayson. “I don’t know if he even cares anymore that Jane is Deb in the sense that I think he’s falling for Jane as Jane, not Jane as Deb,” notes DDD‘s boss. “That being said, there may be some twists and turns coming up that will shock him.” Also, if you liked last Sunday’s premiere then you’re going to love this week’s second episode, which brings the Old Jane-New Jane rivalry to a head. “It’s my favorite episode I’ve ever written and maybe one of the best ones we’ve ever executed,” declares Berman. “They actually have to work together to save someone’s life. It’s so fun watching the body swapping at its best with these two people. Two souls that really have nothing in common except that they have each been in the same body. Watching them interact is so much fun.”

That’s it. Enjoy!

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Ray Donovan

The new Showtime series Ray Donovan will debut on June 30 at 10 PM.

Liev Schreiber appears as Ray Donovan, LA’s best professional fixer, who is the man called in to make the city’s celebrities, superstar athletes’ and business moguls’ most complicated and combustible situations go away; but when his father, Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) is unexpectedly released from prison, that sets off a chain of events that shakes the Donovan family to its core.

The cast also includes Dash Mihok (The Day After Tomorrow), Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes), Katherine Moennig (Three Rivers), Paula Malcomson (Caprica), Peter Jacobson (House) and Steven Bauer.

Here is a trailer for Ray Donovan.

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