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On August 15, the UPtv movie Love on the Vines will debut at 7 PM.

When Diana (Margo Harshman) inherits half her uncle’s vineyard, she is surprised to find a rule requiring her to work the land with new co-owner Seth (Steve Talley) for three weeks, or risk losing the land.

The cast includes Jack Wagner and Catherine Mary Stewart.

Here is a behind the scenes video for Love on the Vines:

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On August 15, the Hallmark Channel movie Wedding Every Weekend will debut at 9 PM.

Nate and Brooke (Kimberly Sustad and Paul Campbell) are going to the same four weddings, four weekends in a row. To avoid set-ups, they go together as “wedding buddies.” But what starts as a friendship soon becomes deeper.

Here is a trailer for Wedding Every Weekend:

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The new Netflix movie Project Power will debut online on August 14.

A drug that imbues the taker with a superhuman ability for five minutes. It chronicles a man’s quest to rescue his daughter from the sinister forces behind the drug while assisting new allies.

The cast includes Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, Rodrigo Santoro and Courtney B. Vance.

Here is a trailer for Project Power:

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The UPtv movie Win, Lose or Love will debut on August 9 at 7 PM.

Single mom Clara (Helena Mattsson) ties widowed dad Alex (Corey Sevier) for the PTA presidency of their kids’ elementary school. Their co-presidency becomes a power struggle, but respect grows as they come to grudgingly face their true feelings for each other.

The cast includes Greg Grunberg, Parker Stevenson and Nadine Velazquez.

Here is a behind the scenes video for Win, Lose or Love:

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The new movie Love on Harbor Island will debut on the Hallmark Channel on August 8 at 9 PM.

When Seattle interior designer Lily Summers (Morgan Kohan from When Hope Calls) returns to her hometown to help her Aunt Maggie run her bed and breakfast by the marina, she meets Marcus (Marcus Rosner from the Hallmark movies A Harvest Wedding, Autumn in the Vineyard, Summer in the Vineyard and Valentine in the Vineyard), the handsome seaplane pilot whose life’s work delivering rescue dogs helps Lily discover that home really is where the heart is.

Here is a trailer for Love on Harbor Island:

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The new movie Love By Accident will debut on August 2 at 7 PM on UPtv.

While on a road trip to spread her godfather’s ashes, Daphne (Getenesh Berhe) and her ill godmother Fran (Lanette Ware) get into an accident forcing them to make an unexpected stop. Wanting to keep Fran off the road, Daphne enlists Matthew (Henderson Wade), their mechanic, to be her fake boyfriend. But soon their fake relationship isn’t so fake after all.

The movie also stars Conrad Coates and Yanic Truesdale.

Here is the trailer for Love By Accident.

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On August 1, the Hallmark Channel movie Romance in the Air will debut at 9 PM.

After learning her job is on the line, Eden (Cindy Busby) returns to Lake Tahoe where she used to spend her summers growing up. There she’s reunited with her childhood friend Riley (Torrance Coombs) and finds that the draw of her past might direct her future to a happiness she’s been missing in her life.

Here is a trailer for and a sneak peek at Romance in the Air:

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The Passionflix film Gabriel’s Inferno, Part II will debut online on July 31.

Gabriel Emerson (Giulio Berruti) is a brilliant and enigmatic professor of Dante studies at the University of Toronto. His cold, aloof exterior masks dark secrets he successfully hides, though he has never overcome them. A lovely, intelligent graduate student in his seminar triggers a dim memory – one he cannot place, but which is key to the happiness he long thought was impossible.

Julianne Mitchell (Melanie Zanetti) is a compassionate, kind young woman still struggling to overcome a childhood of neglect and abuse. When she enrolls at the University of Toronto, she knows she will see someone from her past – a man she met once, in an encounter she has never forgotten. Gabriel cannot recall what Julia knows: that they have a shared history rooted in an important moment of their lives.

In this conclusion, their story continues to unfold around the electrifying connection between the two and their increasingly passionate affair. Gabriel sees her unconditional love as his path to salvation even as he acknowledges his selfishness in doing so. Julia struggles with her own self-worth as she grows to trust Gabriel’s feelings for her. Determined to capture the happiness that eluded them when they parted years ago, they must defy their own painful pasts as well as obstacles which now conspire to keep them apart.

Here is the trailer for Gabriel’s Inferno, Part II:

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Today is the final day of panels for Comic Con @Home, which will include panels for the Freeform fantasy series Motherland: Fort Salem, the upcoming FOX drama nExt and the final season of The CW’s post-apocalyptic series The 100 as well as a panels focusing on Who’s the Best Doctor Who, the Psychology of Pop Culture and Christmas and A Conversation with (the one and only) Nathan Fillion [among many other panels].

You can see the full, daily schedule below:

Sunday, July 26 Comic Con @Home

The first panels start at 10 AM and the final panels start at 4 PM.

For many years now, Supernatural has been a part of the Sunday line-up in Hall H, and it only feels right to include pictures – taken by our own Dominick Dusseault – from last year, which was the show’s final appearance at Comic Con since it is coming to an end after 15 seasons on The CW.


It also seemed like the right time to include pictures – also from Dominick Dusseault – from last year’s panels for The Witcher and Game of Thrones:

The Witcher:

Game of Thrones:

Here’s to next year’s event (that will hopefully be held in person).

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Today is the third full day of panels for Comic Con @Home, which will feature panels for TV shows For All Mankind, the new Peacock series Brave New World, Netflix’s The Order, the new HBO thriller Lovecraft Country, ABC’s Stumptown, the fan favorite Wynonna Earp, the AMC thriller NOS4A2 and a salute to the popular sci-fi series Farscape as well as a reunion/salute to the original box office movie Constantine – that is expected to include Keanu Reeves, who is also expected to show up for the panel focusing on the new Bill & Ted movie and An Evening with Kevin Smith [among many other panels].

You can see the full, daily schedule below:

Saturday, July 25 Comic Con @Home

The first panels start at 10 AM and the final panels start at 6 PM.

Since there are a few panels dedicated to the world of Marvel – included a scientific salute to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – it felt only right to take a look back, courtesy of photos taken by our very own Dominick Dusseault, – to the plethora of Marvel cast members who appeared at a huge Marvel event last year:

Black Widow:


Mahershala Ali

Doctor Strange:

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Eternals:

Falcon and Winter Soldier:


Jeremy Renner


Tom Hiddleston

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings:

Simu Liu

Thor: Love and Thunder:


What If:

Jeffrey Wright

And, since this year’s event features a panel dedicated to Kevin Smith, it only seemed fitting to include pictures – courtesy of Dominick Dusseault – from last year’s panel that featured Kevin along with a few of his co-stars from the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie:

More coming soon…

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