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On June 20, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie To Catch a Spy will debut at 8 PM.

When the newly renovated Hotel Optima in Malta has a grand reopening, Chloe (Nathalie Kelley) and her team from Destination Traveler Magazine, which includes Sara, (Patti Murin), head over to cover the travel scene in Malta. On her first night in Malta, Chloe overhears an altercation happening through the air vent of her hotel room and then sees someone fall to their death – right past her hotel window! Chloe assists the FBI agent, Aaron (Colin Donnell), working on the case, but will they catch the killer before the killer finds them?

Here is a trailer for To Catch a Spy:

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The Hallmark Channel movie Her Pen Pal will debut on June 19 at 9 PM.

Event planner Victoria (Mallory Jansen) can’t wait to attend –- and plan –- her best friend’s wedding in Paris. But when she finds out her ex is bringing a date, Victoria reconnects with her French childhood pen pal (Josh Sasse).

Here is a trailer for Her Pen Pal:

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On June 13, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part will debut at 8 PM.

When Aida Teagarden’s (Marilu Henner) real estate client is found murdered, her sleuthing daughter Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) sets out with her fiancé Nick (Niall Matter) and the Real Murders Club to solve the murder.

Miranda Frigon, Peter Benson and Lexa Doig reprise their roles too.

Here is a trailer for Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part:

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The UPtv movie The Perfect Wedding Match will air at 7 PM on June 13.

Programmer for the ‘Plus Ones’ matchmaking app Maisie Jacobs (Jenna Michno) is single and dateless for her little sister Ali’s wedding. Keen to avoid her family’s questions, Maisie uses the app to find her own plus one – but is sent the only person she would never date (Tyler Cortad). Could the mix-up be her chance for true love?

Here is a trailer for The Perfect Wedding Match:

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On June 12, the Hallmark Channel movie The Baker’s Son will debut at 9 PM

Matt’s (Brant Daugherty) passion transforms his bread from bland to brilliant. But when his bread loses its magic, the island locals panic and turn to Annie (Eloise Mumford), Matt’s childhood friend and true love, for help.

Here is a trailer for The Baker’s Son:

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The box office movie In the Heights will debut on HBO Max online June 11; and the movie will also be out in the theatres now that things are opening up.

Based on the award-winning Broadway play from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the movie is about a bodega owner (Hamilton alum Anthony Ramos) has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother’s fortune.

The ensemble cast includes Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Jimmy Smits, Stephanie Beatriz, Marc Anthony and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Here is a trailer for In the Heights:

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On June 11, the INSP original movie The Legend of 5 Mile Cave will debut at 3 PM.

A mysterious drifter (Adam Baldwin of Firefly and Chuck fame) bonds with a boy Jet Jurgensmeyer) with tales of the West. Past and present collide when a lawman (William Shockley) appears seeking long-lost gold.

The cast includes Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan and the TV series Friday Night Lights), Jill Wagner (Teen Wolf and the Mystery 101 movie franchise), William Shockley (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) and Randy Wayne (The Lying Game).

Here is a trailer for The Legend of 5 Mile Cave:

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The Netflix movie Awake will debut online on June 9.

After a devastating global event wipes out all electronics and eliminates people’s ability to sleep, a former soldier may have found a solution with her daughter.

The ensemble cast includes Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Frances Fisher, Shamier Anderson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, Gil Bellows, Finn Jones and Sebastian Pigott.

Here is a trailer for Awake:

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The Wedding Ring is the latest new movie that will debut on UPtv at 7 PM on June 6.

Kate Sterling’s (Lauren Lee Smith from Frankie Drake Mysteries) entire life is about proposals. As a jewelry designer she’s created rings for more happy couples than she can count, however none for herself yet. At her sister’s marriage, Kate is given a second chance to connect with her childhood sweetheart (Dillon Casey from Nikita).

Now she has to decide whether their feelings have changed, or if the wedding will rekindle the sparks that once united them; giving Kate the ring she’s been waiting for her whole life.

Here is a trailer for The Wedding Ring:

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On June 5, the Hallmark Channel movie You Had Me at Aloha will debut at 9 PM.

When the host of a popular travel show resigns, the network enlists Paige (Pascale Hutton from When Calls the Heart), to step in for the next season set in Hawaii. Unbeknownst to her, they have also hired Ben (Kavn Smith, also from When Calls the Heart), who likes to push everything to the extreme. As these two new co-hosts clash over their opposing ideas for production, they grapple with the fact that not only do they need each other to further their careers, but they also balance each other on and off the screen.

Here is a trailer for You Had Me at Aloha:

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