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The Hallmark Movies & Mysteries holiday movie Christmas at Grand Valley will debut on December 22 at 9 PM.

Burned out from the hubbub of the Chicago gallery world, artist Kelly (Danica McKellar) returns home to the picturesque Grand Valley just in time for Christmas. Maybe her favorite town’s shining season will reinvigorate her love of art and guide her down her next path. Leo (Brennan Elliott), businessman and all-star dad to his children, struggles to balance his time this holiday season.

When he is assigned to review a hotel in Grand Valley for its value, he sees this as the perfect opportunity for a Christmas family vacation. It isn’t long until Kelly and Leo’s worlds collide. As Kelly re-experiences her favorite Grand Valley traditions with Leo and his children, she begins to find her way back to her passion for art.

Here is the trailer for Christmas at Grand Valley.

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The Hallmark Channel holiday movie Jingle Around the Clock will debut on December 22 at 8 PM.

When Elle Bennet (Brooke Nevin) decides to reunite her college friends for a special Christmas celebration, her plans are thwarted by an opportunity at work she can’t pass up — spearheading a Christmas campaign relaunch to prove she’s ready for a career-altering promotion. Much to her surprise, she’s forced to team up with advertising campaign ‘fixer’ Max (Michael Cassidy), who has a completely different take on the Holidays.

But as Elle and Max work together and learn more about each other’s Christmas traditions, they unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. With the help of a little Christmas magic, will Elle pull off the perfect Christmas reunion and find the love she’s been searching for?

The film also stars Andrea Brooks.

Here is the trailer for Jingle Around the Corner.

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On December 16, Small Town Christmas is the latest Hallmark Movies & Mysteries holiday movie set to debut at 9 PM

When a young novelist (Ashley Newbrough) travels to the hometown of the man (Kristoffer Polaha) who inspired her book, she reconnects with an old flame and helps restore the town’s Christmas traditions.

The film also stars youngster Bailey Skodje.

Here is a trailer for Small Town Christmas.

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A Gingerbread Romance is the latest holiday movie that will debut on the Hallmark Channel on December 16 at 8 PM.

With Christmas just weeks away, the architecture firm Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardict) works for enters her in a contest in which the teams will design and build life sized gingerbread houses. After the contest, Taylor will likely be getting a promotion to a position in another city. The firm teams her up with Annabelle, a renowned French pastry chef with whom Taylor instantly locks horns. When Annabelle backs out, Taylor stumbles into a local bakery and meets Adam (Duane Henry), a baker and single dad.

In an act of desperation, Taylor convinces Adam to partner with her for the contest, arguing that winning would give the bakery and his designs much needed exposure. For years Taylor has been resistant to call anywhere “home” for fear it will only be temporary. But the time she spends with Adam and his daughter Brook in their cozy home, decorating for Christmas, and exploring Philadelphia at Christmas, fills her with a longing for a place to call home.

Here is a trailer for A Gingerbread Romance.

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On December 16, Hometown Christmas is the latest Lifetime holiday movie set to debut at 8 PM.

Back in Louisiana for Christmas, Noelle Collins (Beverley Mitchell) has big plans to resurrect the town’s live nativity, a beloved tradition that her late mother used to put on. Things become complicated, however, when Noelle runs into her high school sweetheart, Nick Russell (Stephen Colletti), a rising baseball star also back home due to a recent injury.

Still feeling the burn from their senior year break-up, their lives are pushed together even further when they learn their parents share an attraction and want to be more than just friends. When things begin to fall apart with the live nativity Nick and Noelle reluctantly team up to pull off the show and find themselves growing close, uncovering a hometown love for each other and the joy of Christmas that both never really faded away.

The movie also stars Melissa Gilbert and Brian McNamara.

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The ION holiday move A Christmas in Royal Fashion will debut on December 16 at 9 PM.

Kristin Cooper (Cindy Busby), a talented assistant for a global PR firm, is put in charge of the annual Christmas fashion show and auction for clothing entrepreneur, Mr. Carson. A handsome young royal, Prince Patrick (Diarmaid Murtagh), is dispatched by his father, the King of Edgemoor, to be the face of the family co-sponsored event.

Upon his arrival to Beverly Hills, Patrick meets Kristin and is instantly smitten with her, mistakenly thinking she is actually her boss, Melanie. While Patrick and Kristin spend the Christmas season together in California, she wonders if Patrick would have still fallen for her if he knew she was an assistant, and not the boss.

The film also stars Michael Pare.

Here is a trailer for A Christmas in Royal Fashion.

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On December 16, the UP TV holiday movie Christmas on Holly Lane will debut at 7 PM.

The house on Holly Lane has always held a special place in the hearts of life-long best friends Sarah, Cat and Riley (Sarah Lancaster, Gina Holden and Karen Holness). It’s the magical home where they spent many happy Christmases. Now, the girls are all grown-up and the house they hold dear is in danger of being sold. With each friend at a different crossroad, they will all have to come together to call upon that special Christmas magic that can only happen on Holly Lane.

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