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Anna Nalick

Anna Nalick is a singer-songwriter from California who, according to her Columbia Records biography, began writing songs when she was in fifth grade. While in high school she performed with a Rush cover band called Brisket and credits bands like The Rolling Stones, Cream, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos (among others) as just some of her influences.

In October 2003, she signed with Columbia Records and began the long process of recording her debut album called “Wreck of the Day,” which came out in April of 2005. The first single off this album – today’s Song of the Day – is called “Breathe (2 AM)” became a huge hit on the Adult Contemporary charts, making her one of that year’s biggest newcomers.

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Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson is a New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, who was born to artistic parents; her father being a composer and her mother a sculptor. She took up piano at the age of four and trained until she was seven at the Manhattan Third Street Music School. She continued her training for many years after that at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island and while there she met vocal coach Elizabeth McCullough, who worked with her through high school.

She received a degree in theater at Binghamton University where she was a member of the Binghamtonics, a co-ed a cappella group. Later on, she became a director until she decided to pursue a career in music.

Her first album called “Girls and Boys” was released in 2006 on Ingrid’s own Cabin 24 Records, which earned her a national songwriting award and then she received an unexpected phone call that catapulted her career. One of her songs – “Breakable” – was used in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Two more of her songs were also used in the series, putting her on the map.

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Remy Zero

Remy Zero are an Alabama-based alternative rock band, consisting of members Cinjun Tate (lead vocals and guitar), Shelby Tate (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Cedric LeMoyne (bass), Jeffrey Cain (guitar) and the late Gregory Slay (drums and percussion).

The band Radiohead discovered Remy Zero’s demo tape and invited them to be part of their US tour that supported their 1995 album The Bends. It was after this time that Remy Zero moved from Alabama to Los Angeles in order to record their first self-titled album which came out in 1996, but received very little recognition or sales.

The band’s second album called “Villa Elaine” was released in 1998 and featured the songs “Prophecy,” which was used on the soundtracks for the movies She’s All That and The Last Kiss; “Fair,” which was eventually featured on the soundtrack to the movie Garden State and “Hermes Bird,” which was used in the TV shows Felicity and Charmed as well as being featured on the soundtrack for the movie Never Been Kissed. Also on that album is today’s Song of the Day – “Yellow Light” – that was featured in an episode of Roswell.

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Save Ferris

Save Ferris, a name inspired by the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, was a ska punk bank formed in 1996 in California, consisting of members of other ska bands at the time, including Monique Powell (lead vocals), Brian Mashburn (vocals and guitar), Bill Uechi (bass), Eric Zamora (saxophone), Jose Castellanos (trumpet), Brian Williams (trombone) and Marc Harismendy (drums).

The band released their debut EP “Introducing Save Ferris” in 1996 and later that year earned a Grammy showcase award for best unsigned band, which lead them to a recording contract with Epic Records. The following year saw the release of their first full-length album called “It Means Everything” for which they toured extensively to promote. In April of 1998, they made their television debut on the HBO music series Reverb and then were seen in the box office movie 10 Things I Hate About You. This album earned the band moderate success in the United States and spawned three top ten hits in both Japan and Mexico. That winter, however, Harismendy left the band and was replace by Evan Kilbourne on drums.

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The Sundays

The Sundays were an English alternative rock group that was formed in the mid 1980’s by Harriet Wheeler (vocals) and David Gavurin (guitar) while they were at university. They became a duo who soon added Paul Brindley (bass) and Patrick Hannan (drums) to the roster.

The band was eventually signed to a contract with Rough Trade Records and released their debut album “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” in 1990, which featured their first single “Here’s Where the Story Ends”. Due to financial troubles by their record company, The Sundays decided to manage themselves, which delayed their second single “Goodbye” from being released until 1992.

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Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon is an American rock band from Washington, D.C. that was formed in 1991 by undergrads Matthew Scannell (lead vocals and lead guitar) and Keith Kane (backing vocals and guitar). After their graduation the following year, the duo relocated to Boston and self-released their debut album called “There and Back Again.” All the songs on this album were co-written by the duo and they played all the instruments themselves.

For the next few years, Scannell and Keith toured as a duo, they were joined by Ed Toth on drums in 1996 and then released a live album called “Live Stages” in 1997. It wasn’t that much later that they were signed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment/RCA Records and soon held auditions for a permanent bass player. Sean Hurley soon took on that role.

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Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band (otherwise known as DMD) is an American band formed in Virginia in 1990 by founding members Dave Matthews (lead singer and guitar), Stefan Lessard (bass), Boyd Tinsley (violin), Carter Beauford (backing vocals and drums) and the late LeRoi Moore (saxophone) [Moore passed away in 2008 due to injuries sustained in an ATV accident].

The band did their first in-studio demons early in 1991 and then made their first public appearance a few months later. During the band’s early years they performed at fraternity functions and at popular clubs in Charlottesville.

It was two years later that DMB released its first album called “Remember Two Things,” which debuted on college charts as the highest independent entry. The band continued to tour while their fan based grew.

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