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As of today, it has been eight years since I launched Rueben’s Ramblings, as a companion site to my long-running, weekly column over at NiceGirlsTV.

It certainly has been an amazing journey, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my readers.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to read my entertainment reports, all the articles and spotlights, the year-end round-ups and the ratings results – among all the other “stuff” – that I have posted here over the years.

My time working on this site has also been made all the better thanks to the help of my photographer Dominick Dusseault and my monthly guest commentator, Roz.

I hope you will continue to visit Rueben’s Ramblings as often as you can.

As always I am available by email to answer any entertainment questions you may have. You can email me at ruebenpreymate@gmail.com

Happy 8th Anniversary!

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Happy New Year 2018!!

Now that it has hit midnight, I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations and will have a great time today and throughout the first week of the New Year.


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This has been a really difficult year with some ups but a lot of downs, whether it was in the world of politics, scandals that have rocked Hollywood and so much more. We live in a very unsettling world, but I hope that some of the goods things included in this 2017 year-end round-up brought some cheer to you as we close out the year.

We have all had good and bad times throughout the year, but we can all rejoice in the great entertainment these medium – television, movies, music and books – have provided.

Have a wonderful New Year!

PS: Thank you all so very much for visiting my site. I hope you will continue to visit as often as you can.

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Merry Christmas 2017!!!

I want to to wish everyone who has visited this site for the past six and a half years a very blessed and wonderful Christmas Day!

Regardless of how you celebrate this most precious of holidays, I hope it is a truly terrific day spent with your families and friends.

Be well, drive safely and have a spectacular Christmas!!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for visiting Rueben’s Ramblings and I hope you will continue to visit as often as you can!


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2017 has been – to say the least – a very tumultuous year with more political scandals and unbelievable issues within the world of the government than any of us want to think about, countless accusations of sexual misconduct all throughout the world of Hollywood and horrible acts of Mother Nature that wreaked havoc on so many cities [and so much more].

Despite all of the bad things that have transpired this year, I want to focus – as much as possible – on all the good and fun things that have taken place.

For more than a decade now, I have been compiling these year-end round-ups on all things entertainment industry related. Granted it’s impossible to focus on EVERY single thing that has taken place, but I certainly have attempted to take a look at as many as I can through this year’s round-up articles.

As I have mentioned many time before, I have been a big fan of television since I was a child, becoming “the walking encyclopedia of the entertainment industry” (at least for my small hometown back in Pennsylvania) by the time I was in my mid-teens. And all these years later, I am still enamored with the good things that happen in the world of television, movies, music and books.

Two of my favorite activities are reading books and attending TV-related events. This year I was able to get through 30 books, and while that may seem like a small amount of reading material, for me [who is a SLOW reader] that is a lot for me. Among my favorites have been several trilogies by Susan Mallery and numerous books by Lauren Oliver, Becca Fitzpatrick, Amanda Grange, Beth Pattillo and Teri Wilson. I am finishing the year off reading “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon in order to be prepared for season four of Outlander, which will air at some point in 2018.

I also attended a handful of TV-related events, sadly for the very LAST time. Those events included the annual Paley Fest at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Wonder Con at the Convention Center in Anaheim, California and the annual Comic Con in San Diego.

But that’s more than enough about me. Starting tomorrow my first year-end round-up of this year will focus on the good and bad of television and for each day throughout the rest of the year I will spotlight the year that was: 2017.

NOTE: I apologize in advance for any omissions, spelling errors or oversights I may have made, but I don’t apologize for any of the choices I made.

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I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy the time with your friends and family over this long holiday weekend.

Please know that while I am obviously observing the holiday, the news waits for no man or woman, which means I will be posting occasionally over the weekend, bringing ratings results as they are released and other news items that come along over the next 4 days.

Please stay tuned and I hope you will visit as often as you can over the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Ratings Delayed

The following comes straight from my main source for all things ratings: ShowBuzzDaily:

“The Nielsen data center, where viewing data from the sample homes is processed and validated, remains closed. Nielsen reports that data from sample homes continues to be collected at a back-up facility, but the Florida center and the staff impacted by the storm are required to process the data and verify program line-ups. Check back late Tuesday for another update, possibly including revised release times.”

Once ShowBuzzDaily has access to ratings, I’ll be posting them here.

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