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Based on information provided by the Dark Horizons site and internet research, here are just some of the movies you can expect to see in the movie theatres in June:

The Amazing Spider-Man
Opens: July 3

Typical teenager Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) embraces his incredible destiny after uncovering one of his father’s most carefully guarded secrets. The cast includes Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Sally Field and Martin Sheen

The Magic of Belle Isle
Opens: July 6

Morgan Freeman plays a washed-up alcoholic writer trapped in a wheelchair who gets a second lease on life thanks to a single mother and her three kids, who are his new neighbors, helping reignite his passion for writing. The cast includes Virginia Madsen and Madeline Carroll.

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D
Opens: July 13

A continental cataclysm leads to a mostly seaborne tale including a ragtag group of animal pirates. The sloth reunites with his family and the saber-toothed tiger finds love. The voice cast includes Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott, Jennifer Lopez, Peter Dinklage, Aziz Ansari, Wanda Sykes, Rebel Wilson, Joy Behar, Alan Tudyk, Keke Palmer, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Red Lights
Opens: July 13

Veteran paranormal researchers Dr. Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver) and Tom Buckley (Cillian Murphy) debunk fraudulent claims of ghost whispering, faith healing and other psychic phenomena by detecting what Matheson calls “red lights,” the subtle tricks behind every staged supernatural occurrence. But when the legendary blind psychic Simon Silver (Robert De Niro) comes out of retirement after 30 years, his once-fearless adversary Matheson warns Buckley to back off, fearing reprisal from the powerful Silver. The cast includes Elizabeth Olsen and Joely Richardson.

Union Square
Opens: July 13

NYC’s Union Square is the setting for an unexpected reunion between two estranged sisters, one on the verge of getting married, and the other on the verge of a nervous breakdown: Lucy (Mira Sorvino) and her younger sister Jenny’s (Tammy Blanchard). The cast includes Patti LuPone.

The Dark Knight Rises
Opens: July 20

The third and final installment picks up after the events of The Dark Night with Batman (Christian Bale) pitted against the deadly bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). The cast includes Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cotillard.

Movies coming out in August will be posted at the end of July.


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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

7 PM:
Underworld movie on More Max

8 PM:
Burn Notice on MyNetwork TV
NCIS on USA Network
True Blood on HBO Signature (Reair)
Open Range movie on AMC
Easy A movie on Encore

9 PM:
Dallas on TNT (NEW)
Royal Pains on USA Network (NEW)
The Tudors on BBC America

10 PM:
Necessary Roughness on USA Network (NEW)
Inside Men on BBC America (NEW)
True Blood on HBO (Reair)


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Hey All,

Here are the news items for today:


Rookie Blue has been renewed for a fourth season (it will continue to air in both Canada and the US). (Twitter and Amber Dowling at TV Guide Canada)

BBC America has picked up the new Canadian sci-fi drama series Orphan Black, which centers on a street-wise chameleon, who discovers that she is a clone. The series will premiere in the US as part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturdays programming block. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

Actress Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies and GCB) has been cast in a recurring role in The Good Wife. She will “match wits with both Alicia and Peter”, playing a top-of-her-game political reporter who wants to know more about the Florrick campaign and marriage. (CBS)


Actor Derek Luke will star opposite Paula Patton in the upcoming film called Baggage Claim based on the original novel by David Talbert. The film follows a flight attendant (Patton) who is the oldest unmarried woman in her family. With her sister about to get hitched, she becomes determined to find a man in 30 days. Luke plays her long-time friend and neighbor. (Variety)

Actors Hugo Weaving (The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings franchises) and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) have joined the cast of the cast of the upcoming thriller called Mystery Road about an Aboriginal detective who returns home to an Outback town to solve the murder of a teenage indigenous girl. Weaving will play a cop with questionable motives, while Kwanten will play a pig hunter. (Deadline and Dark Horizons)

Actress Angela Bassett has joined the cast of the upcoming film called Olympus Has Fallen that will star Aaron Eckhart as the U.S. President who, along with key members of his administration, are taken hostage and a Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) tries to stop them. (Deadline and Dark Horizons)


Watch: First Full Trailer for Rob Cohen’s ‘Alex Cross’ with Tyler Perry

ME: Damn, does Matthew Fox (of Lost fame) looked wicked in this movie or what? Not just in his physique but in the role – creepy!!


Question: Got any information on Teen Wolf? – Jacqui

Team WWK: Two words: bottle episode! “We’ve just started editing episode 10, which is something of a bottle episode as it takes place mostly inside the Sheriff’s Station,” creator Jeff Davis tells us. “It’s tense and dramatic and I’m quite excited to see how the cut turns out.”

Question: Anything on White Collar? It’s the best thing about summer! – Ethan

Team WWK: White Collar will take a political turn around episode 12, so be on the lookout for a senator character who’ll stick around for two-episodes—his actions are primed and ready to impact everybody.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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Her Universe Doctor Who Apparel

The following is a press release from Her Universe:

Her Universe™, a leader in female genre merchandise, announced today a license with BBC Worldwide, to create a collection of Doctor Who apparel for the ever-growing female fan base for the television show.

Her Universe recognized the burgeoning force of female Doctor Who fans and the need to create unique apparel and merchandise just for them. The international iconic brand and television hit Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi series in the world and continues to earn critical acclaim as BBC America’s highest rated series as well as the number 1 downloaded series for iTunes in 2011. The new Doctor Who collection by Her Universe will premiere in July with fashion tops featuring images, characters and phrases from the Doctor Who universe all with fashion-forward designs for girls to look “Geek Chic“. To recognize their female Doctor Who fans, BBC Worldwide has created a special Doctor Who logo which will only appear on merchandise from the Her Universe collection.

Ashley Eckstein, founder of Her Universe and known to sci-fi fans as the voice of Ahsoka Tano on the hit animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars also designed and created the Her Universe merchandise. “Her Universe is a line for the fans,” said Eckstein. “Many of our design choices and decisions are influenced by our fans and Doctor Who was the #1 requested license by fangirls for us to pursue next. It was truly a dream come true when BBC Worldwide asked us to do their female merchandise and I am beyond excited to share this extraordinary announcement with our girls today! In the words of the Doctor, I feel like screaming Geronimo!”

Doctor Who apparel and accessories from the Her Universe collection will be available in the U.S. and Canada at both Her Universe and BBC America Shop and through national retail outlets such as Hot Topic. Throughout 2012, the Doctor Who merchandise will also be available at select conventions including San Diego Comic Con.

Her Universe was launched in 2009 by actress and entrepreneur Ashley Eckstein, and her partner, The Araca Group, known as one of the most innovative theatrical production and merchandise companies in the world. Her Universe was created to directly address the expanding market of female fans by entering into its first agreement with Lucas Licensing to develop and produce a line of female-centered Star Wars apparel and accessories. The success of that line was followed up with a collection for the Syfy network including such shows as Battlestar Galactica and with BBC America for its Doctor Who franchise. You can learn more about Her Universe and purchase the current line of fangirl apparel and accessories by going to Her Universe and by following Eckstein on Twitter and visiting the Her Universe Facebook page.

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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

6:30 PM:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 movie on HBO2

7 PM:
Dolphin Tale movie on HBO
Back to the Future movie on HBO Family

8 PM:
Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (NEW)
NCIS on CBS (Reair)
Rizzoli & Isles on TNT (Reair)
Knight and Day movie on Cinemax

9 PM:
Rizzoli & Isles on TNT (NEW)
Jane By Design on ABC Family (NEW)
NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS (Reair)
The Newsroom on HBO, HBO Signature and HBO2(Reair)
Cats & Dogs movie on Disney
Mean Girls movie on E!
The A-Team movie on More Max

10 PM:
Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (Reair)
Air Force One movie on TMC

10:10 PM:
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie on Showtime


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Hey All,

Here are the news items, few though they are, for today:


Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson will have a multi-episode arc on season two of Smash when it returns on NBC. She will play Veronica Moore, a Tony Award-winning Broadway star who impacts the lives of Karen and Ivy. The musical series is expected to be back mid-season. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

Actress Maura Tierney (ER) will have a recurring role on The Good Wife. Tierney will play a self-made millionaire who has become the doyenne of Chicago Democratic politics. (CBS)


Actor Aaron Eckhart will play the U.S. President in the upcoming film called Olympus Has Fallen, which is about a Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) who becomes America’s only hope when the White House is overtaken by terrorists. (Variety and Dark Horizons)

Here are the top 10 box office films for this past weekend courtesy of Exhibitor Relations:

1. Brave, $66.7 million
2. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, $20.2 million
3. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, $16.5 million
4. Prometheus, $10 million
5. Snow White and the Huntsman, $8.012 million
6. Rock of Ages, $8 million
7. That’s My Boy, $7.9 million
8. The Avengers, $7 million
9. Men in Black 3, $5.6 million
10. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, $3.8 million


Actresses Hayley Atwell (Captain America), Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) and Charlotte Rampling (Never Let Me Go) and actors Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale) and Michael Gambon (Harry Potter franchise) will all star in the adaptation of the espionage thriller/love story by William Boyd for BBC One. Dockery will play a young woman in 1979 who learns that her mother (Rampling) has been living a double life and is really a former spy for the British Secret Service. In flashbacks to 1939 Paris, Atwell plays Rampling’s younger self who’s recruited into the service by and falls in love with Sewell’s spymaster. After a crucial mission collapses, she must go into hiding, but 30 years later she wants to resurface and enlists her daughter to track down her former lover, now played by Gambon. (Nancy Tartaglione at Deadline)

That’s it. Enjoy!

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Once again, while the cable networks are providing endless hours of new programming for TV viewers, the major networks don’t have that much in the way of new programming. But here are the few new dramas that aired last week:


Saving Hope (NBC) [NEW] – 2.6 million


The Firm (NBC) [NEW] – 2.2 million

What did you watch last week? Please share.

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The Canadian series XIII, based on the graphic novel, will reair its 13 episode first season on Reelz Channel starting on June 29 at 9 PM.

Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentelmen), Aisha Tyler (Ghost Whisperer) and Virginie Ledoyen (The Beach) star in a story of a man’s quest to uncover the truth about his identity while trying to stop a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the U.S. government and could change the balance of power in the world.

Here is a trailer of XIII.

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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

7 PM:
Kung Fu Panda 2 (animated) movie on HBO Family

8 PM:
Eureka on Syfy (Reair)
NCIS on USA Network
The Shawshank Redemption movie on AMC
Ali movie on BET
The Debt movie on Cinemax
Blade Runner movie on Encore
Hemingway & Gellhorn movie on HBO Signature (Reair)
Emma movie on Sundance

8:30 PM:
Cruel Intentions movie on Fox Movie Channel

9 PM:
Eureka on Syfy (NEW)
Bunheads on ABC Family (NEW)
True Blood on HBO 2 (Reair)
Let It Shine movie on Disney (Reair)

10 PM:
Lost Girl on Syfy (NEW)
Teen Wolf on MTV (NEW)
Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime (Reair)
The Newsroom on HBO (Reair)


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Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

6:30 PM:
National Treasure movie on TNT
Die Hard 2 movie on BBC America

6:45 PM:
Fast Five movie on HBO

7 PM:
Flashpoint on ION (Reair)
The Big C on Showtime (Reair)
Cars (animated) movie on ABC Family
Avatar movie on FX

8 PM:
Person of Interest on CBS (Reair)
Flashpoint on ION (Reair)
Open Range movie on AMC
Easy A movie on Encore
Sabrina movie on TV Guide Network

9 PM:
Falling Skies on TNT (NEW)
The Glades on A&E (NEW)
True Blood on HBO (NEW)
Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime (NEW)
Flashpoint on ION (Reair)
Zen: Ratking movie on PBS (Part of Masterpiece Mystery) (Reair)

9:30 PM:
Alice in Wonderland movie on ABC Family

10 PM:
Longmire on A&E (NEW)
The Newsroom on HBO (DEBUT)
Army Wives on Lifetime (RETURN)
Flashpoint on ION (Reair)
Sundays at Tiffany’s movie on Lifetime Movie Network
The Help movie on Showtime
Celine movie on TV Guide Network

NOTE: There should be a marathon of episodes of Awkward on MTV. Check your local listings for airtimes.

NOTE: There will be a marathon of The Good Witch movies on Hallmark throughout the day. Check your local listings for airtimes and which films will air.


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