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Last month I posted a list of familiar actors and actresses who guest starred on some of my favorite shows. The following list includes more familiar faces who appeared on just some of my favorite shows over the last few weeks:

Laura Breckenridge

August 1 – The episode of Drop Dead Diva about the fashion designer’s assistant who writes a tell-all book about her boss; the assistant was played by actress Laura Breckenridge, who was one of the leads in the short-lived WB series Related and had a number of appearances on Gossip Girl.

Diane Farr

August 2 – On White Collar, Mozzie (Willie Garson) has a crush on a local waitress who ends up a kidnap victim. That waitress was played by actress Diane Farr who was a regular on Numb3rs and Rescue Me and a recurring role as Maria’s mom on the WB series Roswell.

Lauren Stamile

August 8 – In the Drop Dead Diva episode about age discrimination, actress Lauren Stamile was the employee suing her employer. Lauren appeared in Grey’s Anatomy as McDreamy’s girlfriend (when he and Meredith were apart) and the Nora Roberts movie Midnight Bayou with Jerry O’Connell.

Warren Kole

August 9 – On the episode of Rizzoli & Isles about the mysterious death of a son of wealthy family, actor Warren Kole appeared as one of the surviving brothers. Warren appeared in the short-lived series Mental.

Brad William Henke

August 12 – On the episode of Royal Pains about the married couple who are recent lottery winners, actor Brad William Henke guest starred as the husband. Brad was one of the cast on the short-lived series October Road and appeared in episodes of Lost.

Zach Ward

August 13 – The crossover episode of Warehouse 13, featuring Neil Grayston as a guest star, included actor Zach Ward, as a store clerk. Zach has appeared in episodes of Lost, Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Titus.

Rachel Miner

August 15 – The episode of Army Wives about a murder involving an Atlanta police detective, guest star actress Rachel Miner, as a confidential informant. Rachel appeared in numerous episodes of Supernatural.  Sidebar:  She was also briefly married to Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin.

Leisha Hailey

August 15 – On the episode of Drop Dead Diva about the cop who was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit, actress Leisha Hailey appeared as the cop’s wife. Leisha was a regular on the series The L Word.  Leisha is also a recording artist with her band Uh Huh Her, which includes band mate Camilla Grey.

Missi Pyle

August 16 – This Rizzoli & Isles episode that was about the married lesbian who was murder outside a lesbian bar. The owner of that bar was played by actress Missi Pyle, who has appeared in episodes of Heroes, Boston Legal, Pushing Daisies and the short-lived series The Wedding Bells.

Anna Camp

August 17 – It was the episode of Covert Affairs about the chief of staff for a senator who was going to be falsely accused of a crime instigated by the Senator’s wife. The chief of staff was played by actress Anna Camp, who appeared as the pastor’s wife on True Blood and has appeared in episodes of Mad Men.

Zak Santiago

August 17 – In the episode of Psych about the illegal car race group, actor Zak Santiago was one of the guys who “got into Shawn’s face” about his less-than-stellar- car.  Zak has appeared in syndicated series Young Blades and the made-for-TV movies Alice, The Front and At Risk.

Keegan Connor Tracy

August 20 – In this episode of Eureka, people starting turning into stone statues and a mist used at the Eureka health spa was crucial in healing those affected. Actress Keegan Connor Tracy played the owner of the spa; she was a regular on the short-lived series Jake 2.0 and appeared in episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Devon Bostick

August 20 – On this episode of Haven, sketches by a talented local artist was being used to harm people and then the town by a devious ship boat owner; one of the victims of this crime was actor Devon Bostick, who has a recurring role on Being Erica and appeared in the pilot episode of Rookie Blue.

Matt Letscher

August 22 – On the episode of Drop Dead Diva about the Bachelor-like reality show producer who gets sued by a disgruntled contestant, the producer was played by actor Matt Letscher, who played Eli’s brother on Eli Stone and appeared in Brothers & Sisters as well as the comedy Good Morning, Miami. While the disgruntled contestant was played by actress Camille Gauty who appeared in the first season of Prison Break and the short-lived shows The Nine and Cupid.

Camille Gauty

August 23 – On the episode of The Closer about the bank robbers who were family members; one of the robbers was played by actor-singer Andrew “Drew” Seeley, who appeared in the made-for-TV movie Another Cinderella Story and was the singing voice of Troy in the original High School Musical movie.

Drew Seeley

August 24 – On the episode of Warehouse 13 about the Griffin statues that made Pete and Myka switch bodies during her high school reunion while Claudia and Artie chased after a femme fatale, the femme fatale was played by actress Laura Harris, who appeared in the 24, Dead Like Me, Women’s Murder Club and Defying Gravity.

Laura Harris

August 24 – On the episode of White Collar about the FBI agent who had gone rogue, the rogue agent was played by actor Jeremy Davidson, who guest starred in Roswell and has a recurring role in Army Wives. And the US marshal who was chasing after the rogue agent was played by actor Max Martini, who was a regular on The Unit.

Jeremy Davidson

August 30 – On the episode of Rizzoli & Isles in which serial killer Hoyt is once again after Jane Rizzoli with the help of what turns out to be another one of his victims-turned assistants, the assistant was played by actress Scottie Thompson, who played a recurring role in NCIS as the girlfriend of Tony DiNozzo and appeared in a recurring role in the short-lived series Trauma on NBC.

Max Martini

Did you recognize any familiar faces during your TV viewing this past month? Is there anyone you feel I missed out on spotlighting?  Please share your sightings, as I’d love to hear who you saw.

Scottie Thompson

Note:  It is my hope to do more of these “Where Have I Seen Them Before” articles, chronicling each month’s worth of my viewing.  But, if you recognize an actor and actress who you would like to see spotlighted here, please drop me a line and I’ll include them.

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